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Indians prefer PCs more than smartphones for gaming, an HP survey revealed

Guess which device Indians prefer the most for gaming? HP set out to find the answer to that and the results are almost unanimous, it is the humble PC. The HP India Gaming Landscape Report 2021 revealed that 9 out of 10 respondents believe the PC offers a better gaming experience than gaming smartphones, which points to a huge potential for growth of the gaming PC segment in the country.

To put the above trend more specifically, 89 percent of the respondents feel more inclined towards a PC for gaming. The reason they cited is better processing speeds, a larger display, better sound, bigger storage, better battery backup, and better heat dissipation capabilities that the PC offers, in that order, over a gaming smartphone.

This, no doubt is going to be bad news for the gaming smartphone segment, what with 37 percent of the mobile gamers expressing strong interest in adopting a PC for their gaming needs. The study further revealed it is the millennials and gen Z respondents who make up 70 percent of the respondents.

Similarly, it is an equally impressive 70 percent of the casual and enthusiast gamers who said they wish to move to a gaming PC. The preference for gaming PC also seems to be all-encompassing, with 94 percent respondents across Tier 2 cities, 88 percent across Tier 1, and 87 percent in metro cities siding with gaming PCs while junking the smartphones.

Another interesting aspect that the study revealed is the emergence of gaming as a career option, with an overwhelming 90 percent agreeing to it. Also, surprisingly, 84 percent of women respondents said they wish to opt for gaming as a career, followed closely by 80 percent of males. Further, 91 percent of gen X and 88 percent of school students are among those who wish to pursue a career in gaming. Also, it is 84 percent of respondents in tier 2 cities who seem more inclined towards a gaming-oriented career than compared to 78 percent from Metro cities.

Ketan Patel, Managing Director of HP India Market attributed the sharp rise in interest in gaming to people spending more time at home due to the pandemic. That way, gaming has emerged as a great stress buster as well. It can be great entertainment and fun too while serving as a means to connect with friends and family too.

More than 92 percent said gaming helped them de-stress while 91 percent said gaming helped in peer-level socializing. A similar 91 percent of the respondents also claimed gaming has helped them achieve better concentration and attention. About 65 percent and 64 percent of the respondents said they prioritize better processing speed and graphics capabilities as key factors in choosing a PC respectively. About one-third of respondents said they look for gaming features in the PC they intend to buy.

A total of 1500 respondents took part in the survey spread over 25 metro, tier 1, and tier 2 cities across India.