Indian Students bags six prestigious awards at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Indian brains are known for its impeccability, and it has been proved an umpteen numbers of times unanimously before. Things went no different during the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair conducted at Arizona on May 24, 2016, as Indian Students won Six Prestigious Awards.

Shreyas Kapur from New Delhi was declared as the winner of “Google Thinking Big” Award. Intel Corporation organized the grand event in association with the society for science and the public. Intel, through a recently issued statement, stated that the Indian team comprising of sixteen members won prizes worth $9500.

The team won three grand awards and three individual awards in various areas which include, Bio-Medical Engineering and Mathematics, Bio-Technology and Medicine.

Shreyas Kapur is studying in Modern School at the Barakhamba Road. The project which won him the title is being named “Cellphone-based optometry using composite images”.The project also won him third spot in both the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Biomedical Engineering award.

The second student who won the award for India is Aravind Krishna Ranganathan from Mumbai. His project is titled, “Deterministic Approach to the Position, Trajectory, and Collision Prediction of Particles within Bounded Two-Dimensional Environments”.

A project named “Innovative Strategy using Endophytes for Effective Biocontrol of Insect Pests in Cotton” helped Suhani Sachin Jain and Divya Kranthi to win the third prize. Apart from the award amount, Intel Foundation also awarded $1000 each to the schools in which these students are studying.