New dinosaur fossils have been discovered in the Kutch region of Gujarat by a team of two German and two Indian paleontologists, which is said to be more than 16-million years old. The paleontologists have been researching the Gujarat region since past 25 years to find dinosaur fossils. The newly discovered fossils were found in the Kaas Hills in close vicinity to the city of Kutch.

The Oil and Natural Gas Corporation had found fossils of dinosaur almost 15 years ago around the same region. Researchers have also found out 150 more geological sites where more fossils and ancient relics can be discovered in the coming future.

DK Pandey, one of the paleontologists in the team, said that they have been getting fossils of the dinosaur in this region for a long time, and now again more fossils have been found. Since the dinosaurs lived in the state’s coastal region millions of years ago, the researchers are expecting to find more such evidence in this area.

According to scholars, the birds that everyone sees today evolved from the small feathered dinosaurs and the oldest-known bird is the crow-sized, hot-blooded Archaeopteryx that lived on the planet Earth almost 150 million years ago.

One of the biggest dinosaurs to be discovered until the date was found in the Patagonia region of Argentina at a place, which the scientists believe to be the habitat of Titanosaurs, dinosaur species that wandered and lived in the forests almost 100 million years ago.

Dr. Caspar Wistar found the first fossil of the dinosaur (a thighbone) in America in the Gloucester County, New Jersey area.

In 1800, Pliny Moody found a long fossilized footprint at his farms in Massachusetts, USA. More such discoveries followed and finally humankind was introduced to the biggest animal species that ever walked on grounds of the earth.

Most of the discoveries of fossils have been made along the coastal areas where the dinosaurs preferred to live.