India yet to decide on bringing Facebook and Twitter servers to the Country

New Delhi – Communications and IT Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad have said that the Indian government is still undecided about bringing the servers of Twitter and Facebook. He made the statement while making a reply in the Lok Sabha.

Prasad has said that his government has not come to any decision regarding the establishment of servers of different websites including Twitter and Facebook.

According to him, he is in regular talks with the social networking majors. Prasad continued saying that more stress is being given to resolve the issues related to the handling of the unlawful content available on the Internet through regular interaction with the stakeholders.

He opined that since several service providers provide different server services, the security agencies find it difficult to deal and encrypt the communications.

Some of the most popular service providers in India include Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Yahoo, WeChat, and Gmail. These are used for sharing video, audio, data, and email and for accessing other web services anywhere and anytime securely.

According to Prasad, the services are secured by encryption technology and are availed by the citizens all through the globe via internet.

Security agencies have to convert the encrypted details into a readable format, which requires lots of technical expertise.

Security Threat to the Servers

Hacking and spamming is a common form of trouble you can face on the internet. That is why, internet security is very important. According to Prasad, criminal and anti-national elements are a major threat to the security due to which lot of thinking is needed before accepting any new form of internet related establishment in the country.

He further said that the government has made it mandatory for all the internet and telecom service providers to provide lawful monitoring and interception of facilities to the security agencies. The rule is applicable to all the service providers that are currently operating in India.

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