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India successfully test fires longest range nuclear Agni V missile

In what is described as the final test before the beginning of user trails, DRDO successfully test-fired its most potent missile under the Integrated Missile Development Program, Agni V. The missile will now go for user trials before it will become another potent missile in the inventory of the Strategic Force Command. India’s Strategic assets including Nuclear weapons are completely under civilian control and not the military that are required only to keep the forces in readiness and use if and when the civilian authority deems it fit.

The Agni V missile is reported to have a range of 5000 kilometers. However, India is deliberately underrating the range to prevent any backlash from the world community, especially China. The latest launch has been a low key event with none of the big Whigs of the government in attendance. Earlier launches were dubbed as the China killer and it led to a lot of bad blood and angry response from the Dragon.

However, the message is not hidden for India’s adversaries. For one the missile can hit any targets up to 10000 kilometers with a little tweaking. Secondly, the missile has been fired from a mobile launcher and this makes it transportable to the border with ease. The missile can carry One ton nuclear or conventional warhead.

There are reports that DRDO is perfecting technology to enable Multiple Independently Targeting Reentry Units and if true this will place the nation in league with the big players in Missile Technology.

The latest launch by India has also evoked hardly any response from the world community. This is in sharp contrast to the failed test carried by North Korea. The US State Department spokesman was at a little loss of words when a reporter asked how the latest launch by India will help disarmament. The spokesman, however, added that India is a responsible and Democratic nation whose strategic assets are in civilian and responsible hands. He also added that unlike Pakistan and North Korea, India’s Non-Proliferation record is impeccable.