India ranks #1 among in Asia to send scientists and engineers to US: Report

Indian scientists and engineers to US

There is no college or research institution in the US which does not have an Indian Origin scientist and the total number of Indian Origin American scientists is touching the 1 million mark. It has been revealed in a report by National Science Foundation, which tracks demographic changes among an elite group of people- scientists and technologists.

The new report shows that out of 2.96 million scientists and engineers from Asia, who immigrated to the US, Indians account for 950,000. In a period from 2003 to 2013 the total population of scientists and engineers working in the US increased from 21.6 million to 29 million.

However, the number of immigrant scientists and engineers rose from 3.4 million to 5.2 million. The number of Scientists of Indian origin grew by 85% between 2003 and 2013 and it far exceeds that of the Philippines and China.

While the Philippine immigrants rose 53% and Chinese immigrants increased 34% in the same period and contributed 465,000 and 438,000 workers respectively. In 2003, Indian-origin scientists accounted 2.5% of the research workforce in the US, and this stands at 3.3% in 2013.

The report further adds that Indians are the single largest source of such professionals that are feeding the American workforce. The total population of scientists and researchers in the US rose from 21.6 million to 29 million.

Most of the immigrants were well versed in engineering, computer and mathematical sciences and social and related sciences. 80% of the immigrant scientists and engineers were employed in 2013 which was equal to the US- born counterparts.

Another interesting point made by the report was the fact that 32 %of immigrant researchers reported their highest degree was a master’s as compared to 29 percent of U.S.-born counterparts. 9 % reported it was a doctorate as compared to 4 percent of U.S.-born counterparts.


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