India develops and tests supersonic cruise missile by BrahMos Aerospace

BrahMos Aerospace announced on June 25, 2016, that it has successfully developed as well as integrated the use of a supersonic missile with a long-range air-battle plane used by the IAF (Indian Air Force).

The testing took place in Nashik at the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited premises with key personnel from both companies witnessing the test.

The new supersonic missiles dubbed ‘BrahMos’ were unified with the SU-30MKI long-range fighter jet. The new innovation will drastically increase India’s defense prowess.

A supersonic missile unified with the Russian made fighter jet would allow the country to penetrate deeper into enemy territories and perform a stealth attacks at pre-determined zones.

Additionally, the long-range capabilities of the missiles would allow for an attack to be performed well out of the enemies shooting range, keeping the country’s defense personnel safe too.

This is especially effective against nations that have strong air defense mechanisms as the supersonic missile can be fired from far away.

India will go down in history for its achievement of owning the first ever supersonic missile firing system on a long-range fighter jet.

Other countries that own the same Russian-made SU-30MKI jets will have paid close attention to the country’s success, considering each and every single one of them would want to have similar defense capabilities to keep their rivals at bay.

Further testing of the BrahMos supersonic missile launching system tagged with the SU-30MKI will be conducted out of view of citizens in the coming months. Reports suggest that a 2.5ton supersonic missile will be fired from the air on the ground to test more realistic results.

The success of the joint-venture between India and Russia will sign off the very first project that’s come to life under the ‘Make in India’ vision that the Modi Government has worked hard to realize in the country.

The project will also be the second of its kind between India and Russia, with the first dating as far back as 1998 and the second, BrahMos being named in commemoration of Brahmaputra and Moscow rivers, one from each country.