Independence Day 2016: Five projects that could shape India

Digital India Campaign, free Wi-Fi for people, a smartphone that solves the parking issues or an SMS vaccine reminder are various innovative actions taken by the Indian Government. These initiatives combat issues in different public sectors like Healthcare, Environment, Human Rights and Transport.

All the initiatives undertaken are formulated keeping in view the interest of general public. These programs are designed solely for the citizens of India and their welfare. Let us have an in-depth understanding of each:

Digital India Program:

It is the flagship program of Indian Government with a vision to see India as a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. Digital India Programme has been designed to transform the entire ecosystem of Public Services through the application of information technology.

The launch of the Digital India Mobile app has made the registration for Start-ups very easy and quick. Within no time the start-ups can upload the required documents and become a part of Digital India Campaign. The success of the program would result in high digital connectivity through Wi-Fi hotspot and broadband highways reaching every citizen.

Digital empowerment of the citizens would ultimately benefit the country in long run. There would even be a generation of huge job opportunities in the various sectors like Telecom, IT, Electronic jobs, etc. IT is a very booming industry, so the initialization and success of this program would act as an icing on the cake.

Digital Life Certificates:

Millions of retired government officials had a sigh of relief after the launch of the ‘Jeevan Pramaan’ scheme by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Under this scheme, the pensioners have to submit physical life certificate in November every year so that they can digitally provide proof of their existence for continuity of pension every month.

The Department of Electronics and IT has created a software application that would create a record of pensioner’s Aadhar number and biometric details from their mobile device or computer by inserting a biometric reading device. All the biometric information relating to pensioners are uploaded to the central database on a real-time basis. This would enable the pension disbursing authority to issue a Digital Life Certificate.

Wi-Fi Trash Bin:

The concept of Wi-Fi Trash Bin is amazing, what you need to do is just dump trash in designated dustbins to get access to free Wi-Fi. The Co-Founders of Swachh Bharat and Digital India, Raj Desai and Pratik Agarwal from Mumbai have designed this concept. They got the entire idea while partying at a huge event.

Both are investors, not techies. There is a unique passcode generated which is given to the users to get access to the free Wi-Fi every time they put the trash in the bin. The concept was first tried and tested in NH7 Weekender music festival along with MTS network.

Helping Faceless:

The Helping Faceless app is designed to overcome child trafficking issues through the community policing platform. The founders of this app are Amol Gupta and Shashank Singh. Through this app, you can track your kids and help them get back home.

It is like the Facebook posts of sharing the details and picture of the missing child and asking for help to get him/her reach home safely. In case you spot a missing child you can directly alert the team through this app. They have direct collaboration with the local police and NGO’s to help the missing child reach home safely.

Immunize India:

Immunize India program aims towards the welfare of the new generation of the country. Through this program, a reminder is given to the parents for providing on-time vaccination to their infants. This is the India’s largest SMS service to give vaccine reminders.

This idea was introduced by founder Dhimant Parekh and Co-Founder Anuradha. They have collaborated with Vodafone for providing free SMS service. To register at Immunize India program, parents need to SMS “Immunize {space} Name of the child {space} Date of birth (DD-MM-YYYY)” to 566778. After successful registration, you shall receive three reminders for a particular vaccine, one after the date and two before the vaccine date. All the reminders shall be delivered to the registered mobile number of the parent.

Twitter Samvad: 

Twitter Samwad is a very famous initiative taken by Modi government. This scheme is formulated for spreading awareness about recent government initiatives to the citizens. All the government initiatives and actions are first posted on Twitter Samvad. Through this medium political leaders and government agencies can communicate with the citizens through tweets and SMS.


Under this interactive scheme, PM Narendra Modi gives attention to Citizen’s grievance redressal. The idea behind the formulation of this scheme is continuous monitoring and reviewing of all government projects. Continuous audit and monitoring will lead to timely completion of the project. Common man’s grievances are also given equal importance. The aim behind the entire plan is to make the country more efficient and responsive.


It is a portal designed by the External Affairs Minister. Through this portal all Non-Resident Indians would be able to file their consular grievances online. The External Affairs Ministry addresses the grievances posted and promptly responds to the complaint made. The process of handling complaints speeds up and also improves tracking and redressal of unsolved complaints. in this high tech environment, Government of India Is also striving hard to reach the citizens and address their issues no matter which part of the country they are situated in.  


Did you like the idea of above initiatives? Would you be interested in contributing towards any of these initiatives? Well, if yes you can share your ideas with us. All of the initiatives mentioned above have taken our country a step forward, and the journey would continue. What is most required here is patience, hard work and unity amongst the nation.