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Improving Digital Communication In The Workplace

Poor internal communication negatively impacts the productivity and profits of your business. On average, businesses with 100,000 employees experience a loss of $62.4 million per year due to inadequate communication to and between employees. In smaller companies with 100 employees, roughly $420,000 is lost every year for the same reasons. Strengthening communication is a must to ensure the success of your teams and the wider organization.

Communication analytics

If your business uses a chat-based platform like Microsoft Teams to communicate, it’s important to use communication analytics to make sure you’re getting the most out of the tool. With communication analytics, you can generate meaningful insights that help you boost engagement and compliance among employees. In particular, you can use this software to customize adoption criteria and data in both individuals and teams and oversee third-party app usage across the company. You’ll also be able to identify the teams most effective at communicating in order to replicate their best practices. You can also send automated messages to owners of inactive teams and prompt them to take action. Ultimately, communication analytics has the power to strengthen communication and collaboration among your employees.

Train your employees

If your employees aren’t properly trained on how to use your digital communication tools of choice, you naturally won’t be using them to their full potential. Only when your employees are confident and comfortable with the technology will you be free to reap the true benefits of the platform and communicate effectively. Comprehensive training should therefore be given to all your employees. Your training program should cover all functions of the technology in detail, and highlight specific features useful to individual teams and departments. You should also have the ability to ask qualified customer service representatives any questions or find information not covered, which will ultimately allow you to create an excellent training course that provides real value to your employees.

Don’t underestimate face-to-face conversations

Although digital communication is comfortable, convenient, and largely effective, face-to-face communication shouldn’t be neglected. According to a recent study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, face-to-face requests are nearly 35 times more likely than emails to be successful. Even though emails have a wider reach, they can easily go unseen and forgotten about. Face-to-face meetings, on the other hand, are far more persuasive and effective. In fact, talking to six people in person has the equivalent effect of sending an email to 200 recipients. Body language, facial expression, and non-verbal cues play an important role in the efficiency of face-to-face communication. So, when you have urgent information to communicate with, it’s best to do so in-person rather than use digital channels. Video chat technology will suffice when you or your employees are working remotely.

Smooth internal communication is essential for business success. By using communication analytics, training your employees in your digital communication tools, and using face-to-face conversations when needed, you can boost the productivity, collaboration, and profits of your business.

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