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Important things you need to know about Mobile Data for Gaming

The gaming industry has extensively changed over the past few decades. Remember the time when we had to shop around for a CD, DVD, or a gaming cartridge to enjoy playing our favorite games on a PC or gaming console. Internet was not needed at all since all of our favorite games worked offline. Now if you want to enjoy the epic battles and warfare, you need to have a stable internet connection.

Many internet service providers offer high-speed internet as much as 1 Gbps optimal for gaming, streaming, and downloading, with a limited data cap. But not in the case of Spectrum internet plans that offer unlimited data caps whether you choose 100Mbps or 940Mbps plan. Connect your device over the Wi-Fi and play as many games online as you can.

But what if you are away from home and have no access to Wi-Fi. Being addicted to gaming, you can’t put your fingers on freeze. The only way to play games away from home is by using mobile internet. It can put a huge dent on your budget if you don’t have enough data cap or your company isn’t paying your mobile bills.

Let’s take a look at some of the important things you need to know about mobile data for gaming. Stay tuned.

Opt for Higher Data Plan

Hardcore gamers are never satisfied with the amount of data they get. With games like PubG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty, our general perception is that they consume a lot of data. Although it is good to have a higher data plan, that does not mean to waste money without knowing the actual amount of data consumed. Have a look at the table below to get an idea about how much data is required to play games.

Game Data Per Hour
Dota 2 120Mb
Fortnite 100Mb
Team Fortress 2 80Mb
PubG 40MB
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 80Mb
Overwatch 135Mb
Battlefield V 100Mb
Destiny 2 300MB
League of Legends 45MB
Grand Theft Auto V 60MB
Minecraft 40MB
Final Fantasy XIV 20MB


Downloading Games Could Flush Your Data Away

The above table has revealed how much data is consumed in an hour on each game. It looks pretty decent – even if you play for several hours a day, you won’t be running out of data soon. However, downloading games using mobile data can put a hole in your wallet. Especially, if you subscribed to limited data caps.

Most of the games have sizes around 50Gb to 1Tb and updates are no lesser than 20GB when it comes to Xbox One and PC games. However, for the mobile version, you can’t expect any less. For instance, Red Dead Redemption is 89Gb, Forza Horizon 4 requires 63 Gb and Call of Duty is as large as 101Gb. Now if you have data limits of up to 250 GB, it would consume much of your data, which may end up even before the next month starts. Keep in mind that you have some other important things to do using your mobile data including surfing, downloading, and socializing.

To avoid consuming your data plan entirely before the month ends, it is better to set data limits on your smartphone. As soon as you reach the maximum limit, your smartphone will notify you.

Allow Updates on Wi-Fi Only    

Most of the updates on mobile are set on automatic. Apps and games start downloading as soon as the new updates are released. It is better to install the updates on Wi-Fi instead of mobile data. Android and iPhone have an option in phone settings to update apps and games over Wi-Fi only. Make sure to check it before you need to pay twice a month.

The craze of online games has gone insane and addicted gamers can’t wait to download new games without giving a break. It is better to wait a little more to get it downloaded over Wi-Fi instead of mobile data. If the file size is under 100Mb, you can download it using mobile data. However, don’t risk it if the game requires at least 1 Gb.

Things to Know Before Picking Plan for Gaming

Consider these factors when picking the plan for gaming

  1. Speed
  2. Data Caps
  3. Ping Rate

Speed and data caps are important as most of the gamers know. However, the ping rate is another crucial factor that you should keep in mind. It is the network latency between the game server and your computer. Ping rate ranging from 20ms to 150ms, is ideal for gaming, downloading, and streaming. However, above 150ms means, you are going to face lags and disruptions during your gaming session.

Summing Up

If you are a gaming addict, opting for mobile data and using it requires a bit of management. Be vigilant when updating, downloading, or playing online games over your mobile data.

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