IIT Delhi Supercomputer powered by NVIDIA GPU Tesla ranked 166th in the list of Top 500 Supercomputers

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi has developed the fastest supercomputer in the world which is placed in 166th position out of Top 500 in the world. The machine is powered by NVIDIA’s GPU Tesla platform and is India’s 4th fastest supercomputer in India.

IIT Delhi makes use of 860 teraflops centralised computer system that is based on NVIDIA’s Tesla platform. According to official sources, the machine is the largest High-Performance Computing (HPC) system across all IITs in India and is available to developers, end-users and researchers.

The main reason behind the choosing of NVIDIA Tesla computing platform is its ease of programming using CUDA and OpenACC coupled with great performance and lesser infrastructure costs. Moreover, they demonstrate accelerated performance that is vital for shaping the future of high-performance computing.

The engineers from NVIDIA worked closely with IIT Delhi team for about two years to build India’s 4’th fastest supercomputer.

Presently, the system is used by several researchers who mainly use it to solve challenging problems in Atmospheric Science, Molecular Systems, Biology, Nano-systems, Data Analytics, Deep Learning Computational Physics, Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Computation Fluid Dynamics and Material Science.

We feel that this invention is a step in right direction to empower India for the next generation of digital evolution.

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