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iFi Audio launches GO Link – Portable USB DAC & Amp

The iFi Audio “GO link” is a very versatile and dependable portable USB DAC & Amp that allows one to enjoy Hi-Fidelity music. We’re happy to announce that the iFi Audio “GO link” is now available for purchase at Headphone Zone.

iFi Audio GO Link – Portable USB DAC & Amp

iFi Audio is known for developing high-performing ultra-portable DAC & Amps, and the “GO link” is no different. The all-new “GO link” lets in-ear monitors/earphones perform to their full potential. It is a brilliant way to enhance the sound of any device with a USB output. Connect it to a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, and plug-in IEMs/earphones. The “GO link” enables Hi-Res True Native® playback of all music formats from MP3 to DSD256, PCM384 and DXD384.

The ES9219 is a high-performance 32-bit, 2-channel audio SABRE HiFi® D/A converter with QUAD DAC+™ technology, headphone amplifier, analogue volume control, dynamic range enhancement (DRE) and output switch designed for audiophile-grade portable power-sensitive applications. Using critically acclaimed QUAD DAC+™ technology, patented 32-bit HyperStream III® DAC architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator, the ES9219 delivers up to 122dB DNR and ≤0.004% (1.27V @ 32Ω), a performance level that will satisfy the most demanding audio enthusiasts. The ES9219’s integrated SABRE DAC supports up to 32-bit 384kHz PCM (Pulse Code Modulation), DSD256 (Direct Stream Digital), and MQA (Master Quality Authenticated). The Rarely implemented high-end features like an adjustable analogue gain with DRE (Dynamic Range Enhancement) plus technologies to minimise THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) and crosstalk are possible due to the DAC chip’s advanced specification.

iFi Audio has designed the “GO link” to be ergonomic and functional. It has been crafted; from a magnesium alloy enclosure that is robust and lightweight. The flexible cable aids portability and is silver-plated with copper conductors for high signal purity. The “GO link” also has a gold-plated 3.5mm headphone output for easy compatibility with in-ear monitors with 3.5mm termination. The “GO link’s” headphone amp feeds a gold-plated 3.5mm socket, incorporating our S-Balanced configuration to reduce noise and crosstalk. It delivers a power output of 70mW into 32 ohms and a maximum voltage output of 2.05V into 600 ohms. This gives it plenty of power to drive headphones and in-ear monitors likely to be used with the “GO link” and easily outclasses the headphone outputs built into smart devices and computers. The iFi Audio “GO link” is retailed at ₹4,999.