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How Identity Verification Works in a Post-SSN Environment

The concept of a social security number is dead to many and we are living in an increasingly digital age. What this means is that authenticating one’s identity is not the same process that is was 20 years ago. These days using an SSN to verify someone’s identity is considered reckless and risky by many and can lead to fraud or even cybercrime.

The process is now something else entirely and we are going to discuss it in this article.

A Social Security Number is No Longer Enough

The old world of identity verification would involve a social security number but the risks attributed to using this method for verification in the modern world cannot be understated. Indeed, the post-SSN solution is one that is based on data and technology. Basically, we are now using technology to help identify and verify consumers and customers and this process often begins with your phone number.

Most us will have a phone number and many of us will keep the same landline number or mobile phone number for life. This can allow us to verify one’s identity using a phone number as there is a proven link between a person and their own number. What this means is that the link can be used to verify a person on a website or other platform and this will present a better and more secure option than using an SSN.

Using Technology to Verify and Identify

To put it simply, we now use technology to verify and identify. Companies such as Cognito provide software for this purpose and generally, you will be asked to verify your identity on platforms that involve financial turnover. These can include online gambling websites, casinos, banks, currency exchanges and cryptocurrency marketplaces. Mostly, you will be required to identify yourself as the company will require verification by US law.

The reasons for this can be wide-ranging but mostly they will be to comply with legislation within a particular jurisdiction. This can be to do with anti-money laundering, cybercrime, and even fraud. For example, a dubious customer may use an online casino to launder dirty money which is why verifying the identity of individuals is often required before a withdrawal can be made. This means that you should consider why a site is asking for these details before you hand them over.

Luckily, most modern verification techniques are easy to complete using technology and most of the time you will only be required to complete them using a computer or mobile device. The inclusion of a camera can streamline the process and you can use the camera to take a picture of your driving license or passport as a passport-style photograph to complete the process. Then you will be able to finish the verification process without having to use a social security number. Be to read why a site or company requires your details before you upload them using the various technologies that are used.

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