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Ideas to upgrade your company

If it’s not broken don’t fix it. Keep it simple, stupid (KISS). Let sleeping dogs lie. And other sayings that are completely unuseful to entrepreneurs. Why are they useless? Because business is ever-evolving. Audiences need new angles. If you don’t bring the positive change that your audience needs to see in your goods and services, you can rest assured that your competition will be more than willing to step in and take over.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at just some of the ways you could upgrade your company to help you remain competitive.

Document management

If you have boxes and boxes of files, you need document management. What is document management? It’s the process of turning printed documents into electronic copies. There are multiple advantages to making the switch (not least of which will be the return of access to your store cupboard!).

Firstly, digital files don’t require you to pay the rent on any kind of office space or storage facility. So that’s a bonus right off the bat. You can wipe that expense off your spreadsheet. Secondly, digital documents are not susceptible to physical damage, significantly reducing the risk of a loss of data. You can also search and access digital files much more efficiently, and, naturally, there are security features that printed documents simply can’t compete with.

Train your team until your team could train the competition

Training gets overlooked. Staff is brought on board because they can bring certain skills to the role, and for a few months this arrangement should work out just fine. But after a few months, those staff members that were brought into the business are now far from the most well-trained candidates for the role. Other staff from other companies have undergone training in that time, meaning the service your staff can offer is likely going to be second best.

If you want a way to ensure a progressive company that future proofs your customers’ loyalty to your brand, and also helps you to attract top talent, you need regular training. But a word to the wise. Don’t train all of your employees at the same time. Training shouldn’t be general. Not if you want that training to be worth your time and investment.

You need a modern website (and fresh-looking social media posts)

When it comes to updating older websites, there’s a balancing act of decisions to keep in mind. If you replace older pages, you will lose any ranking they have had in search engines. You can, of course, copy your content across to a new domain, but the ranking process will start all over again, and there’s no guarantee you’ll ever regain your top spot (Google, for example, pays attention to the age of a page, and where you have been successfully answering the search query for a long period of time, you will rank higher than a newcomer with the same answers).

Speak to the relevant experts and update your website according to the best advice. Don’t be left with a dated and uninspiring website that can turn people away.

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