Idea Cellular slashes 4G/3G data prices by up to 50 percent for night surfing

The 4G and the 3G market is getting hotter, and the consumer is the final beneficiary. Idea Cellular, a member of the Aditya Birla group, has slashed tariff for its 4G and 3G services and has taken on arch rival Airtel head on. It also seeks to preempt any advantage to another player in the 4G field, Reliance Jio launch.

Subscribers of Idea can avail 1 GB data in the night for Rs 125 per month. Idea has also started day and night twin pack which offers 30 percent discount which begins with Rs 115 for 500 MB data split 250 MB day + 250 MB night. The offer continues up to 40 GB split 20GB day + 20GB night.

The latest launch of an affordable range of 4G/3G night data packs has been customised for night surfers. The latest offer will enable late night surfers to save up to 50 percent of their web expenses.

Check out all the latest Idea tariff plans here.

Most working population is active on the net in the night and the present scheme has been worked out for this segment of consumers. Consumers can now get maximum benefits without worry about exceeding their data limits or their expenses.

Idea continues to focus on giving competitive and innovative products to consumers. The night packs and day and night packs are available to all Idea subscribers across Idea 3G and 4G circles.

The 4G battle is being fought between some of the richest corporate and with a total investment of up to $26 billion by companies like Reliance Jio, Airtel and Idea, the stakes have become incredibly high.

Idea Cellular is the nation’s third largest national mobile operator. It has a subscriber base of over 175 million. It is placed among the top 6 country operators in the world With traffic more than 2 billion minutes a day.


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