Microsoft Bing announced Cricket-centric search features i.e. Bing predictions, polls and quizzes to offer a better search experience during the ongoing ICC World Twenty20 Cricket World Cup. Integrated into Bing Search, it now offers comprehensive Cricket related content in the form of live scores, news, videos, commentaries, and more.

Bing search engine has been designed in such a way to provide information on the history of Cricket, the records held by cricketers among others.

A simple search on Bing with the keyword “Cricket World Cup” throws open pandora box of latest information in the form of current scores of the matches being played, information related to upcoming matches along with Head to Head statistics information including data about key players.

Moreover, Bing also displays the team which has the highest probability to win the particular match via Bing Predicts. In addition to the display of ball by ball updates through Carousel, Bing also shows points table, polls and quizzes on a day by day basis as the competition progresses.

Announcing the launch of the new features, Sundar Srinivasan, Bing Search GM said the current creation of customized page is a journey which started few months back to provide Cricket lovers with an enriching search experience not only during but also after the finish of the season.

Srinivasan revealed that unique features like Bing predicts, polls, quizzes and Cortana integration will undoubtedly attract young visitors who visit Bing primarily to fetch Cricket related news. Moreover, the integration of Bing in UC Browser will provide added benefits to mobile users like display of live scores, trending tweets and much more.

To work with Cortana, users just need to speak out “Cricket scores” and the relevant information will be automatically displayed on the screen. Users can also test your knowledge by asking here “give me a cricket challenge” and engage in a lively quiz session.

Users can activate quiz by providing the keyword “T20 world cup quiz of the day” and the poll by using the search term “t20 world cup poll of the day”.