iBall has launched CompBook Laptop with 2GB RAM and 32GB storage starting at Rs. 9999. Loaded with Windows 10, the new CompBook comes with 11.6-inch (Excelance – Rs.9999) and 14-inch (Exemplaire – Rs. 13999) display sizes respectively.

While the smaller version is mainly oriented for first-time users and those who require portability, the second variant with a 14-inch display is oriented for users who crave for more display area.

On the specifications front, the 11.6-inch variant also named as CompBook Excelance features a powerful Intel quad-core processor with speed up to 1.8GHz, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage and a camera for the purpose of chatting. We don’t have accurate specifications about the camera and also about the possible availability of rear camera.

The device also includes premium dual speakers with an optional 3.5mm headphone jack, a highly sensitive touch pad, keyboard in addition to all major connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

Unlike other competing Windows 10 tablets, the iBall CompBook Excelance includes two USB 2 ports with a total weight of 1 kg.

Powered by a huge 10000mAh battery, the first of its kind in portable Windows 10 tablets, the iBall CompBook Excelance is pre-loaded with Windows 10.

The iBall Compbook Exemplaire priced at Rs. 13999, meanwhile, offers same specifications as Excelance except the fact that it is pre-loaded with Windows 10 Professional and ships with a 14-inch display.

However, there is a slight increase in weight because of increased display. There is also a possibility of 3G integration, although we don’t have a confirmation.

Both iBall CompBook Excelance and Exemplaire are capable of delivering a backup of up to 9 hours with 8.5 hours of video playback and approximately 15 hours of audio playback.

iBall has to adopt an aggressive marketing strategy to sell the new devices because the market is flooded with similar portable tablets from Micromax and Lava.

The iBall CompBook Excelance and Exemplaire will be available from all major retail stores across India and select online stores by the end of May. There is also a possibility of iBall launching the devices exclusively via e-commerce stores.