HUION Note Smart Notebook image HUION Note Smart Notebook image

Huion launches ‘huion note’ smart digital notebook with scribo 2 pen/stylus

Imagine penning down simple ideas or notes, or creating complex designs or drawings on a sheet of paper and then transferring all those efforts to a PC using a scanner — painful – isn’t it? And what if the same task can be done in seconds, or even live, without the need for scanners, and all those complex equipment in between? The brand Huion known for its innovative tablets for beginners and professionals has launched its latest compact and highly portable smart digital notebook – the ‘Huion Note’ with Scribo 2 — the next-generation digital stylus. The new smart notebook is an A5-sized notebook that allows you to pen down your work on paper and instantaneously transform it into digital content on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. In short – you get the feel of writing or drawing on standard paper while using its software power to transform it into data digitally. It’s a great add-on to your desk — whether you are a beginner, professional, desk person, or a traveler. The Huion Note is  tool for students, teachers, writers, journalists, executives, artists, architects, designers, developers,  employees and  working professionals.

It is simple, yet extremely powerful and versatile smart digital notebook which you can carry along wherever you go & connect to your smartphone, tablet, or PC and use as a digitizer. It is a standard A5-sized notebook with a Scribo 2 wireless digital stylus. The Note is made using a premium PU leather protective cover which is highly durable and skin-friendly. Driven by simplicity and purity, the perfect fir for your bag seeks to create a product that’s highly functional, slender, and visually appealing.

It is equipped with 50 sheets of A5 paper which is replaceable. A long-term asset on your desk with less maintenance of changeable papers. The Scribo 2 is a digital stylus that works like a regular pen to write on paper while storing all the the moves digitally within the Note internal memory. Alternatively, it has the features of graphic tablet which allows for brainstorming and drawing anytime. The working area of both PC mode and Mobile mode is 186.9 x 140.9mm. The Huion Note uses three modes of connectivity – Bluetooth V5.0, Wired using a standard USB-C cable, and Offline mode which stores all your pen strokes in its internal memory. Each mode is identifiable using the LED indicators – Blue, White, and Green, respectively.

The Scribo 2 is a next-generation digital stylus from Scribo and is completely battery-free, adopting the PenTech 3.0 technology. The exterior of the stylus is made of durable polycarbonate with UV coating to be wear-resistant. Lastly, it’s designed elegantly in Black being the dominant color, and combined with Gold on each end to give the Scribo 2 a more premium and modern feel.

The Huion Note software and application which sports features such as recording, replay function, time synced notes, re-editing feature, and other multiple editing tools like Lasso, highlighters, and more. This smart digital notebook supports merging and splitting of notes and allows sharing them in PDF, JPG, Video, or special Huion note file format with one click.

Summarizing it – It is a Highly Portable Smart Digital A5-sized Notebook which you can carry around, scribble your notes or creativity on standard paper, and later transfer them to a PC or smartphone as digital content. Alternatively, you can use it graphics tablet features using the Scribo 2 Stylus which allows you to have precision control over your cursor. Great as a corporate gifting option, or simply a must-have compact and portable notebook for the creative you.

The Huion Note is available for MRP of Rs 12,990/- and selling price of Rs. 7990/- on