Huawei Connect-2016 showcased the depth of Chinese technology with its product offerings. Smartphones may well be the main business of Huawei, but it displayed a wide array of technology at the event. The Chinese company has emerged as a global technology powerhouse, with offerings ranging from smart infrastructure to Cloud strategy. Despite its inability to penetrate the US market, it has fared well as a global technology firm.

Considering the frequent cyberattacks on US that have originated in China, it is reasonable for the US government not to allow Chinese powerhouses like Huawei to set up shop in the US.

At the conference held in China, Ken Hu, Huawei’s current CEO said that the company aims to become a driver of technology in the intelligent world. This can be achieved by enabling the transformation of the cloud ecosystem in collaboration with various entities like governments.

He also revealed that the strategic focus of Huawei’s investment will be on a synergistic infrastructure of devices, the cloud and information channels.
According to the company, the world is heading towards forming a digital brain, and the data flow will become even more essential for continued existence. Optical and wireless networks will provide intelligence that serves round the clock and learns fast enough to enable an automated ecosystem.

The ‘cloud era’ is set to revolve around enterprises, and it is essential for them to stay consumer-centric, and that is what Huawei intends to do. The effective and efficient data flow will enable enterprises to understand consumers better and cater to their needs more aptly.. The unified open architecture of the consumers and the company with hybrid cloud solutions that are easy to deliver and operate.

Evidently the cloud ecosystem was the center of the event, and the intent of Huawei was to declare that this would be centre of their investment in the future. Joining hands with entities like governments and other companies, in the future will help it achieve an envisaged future that holds the key to moving forward in technology. The recent endeavors of the big enterprises have been in pursuit of such a feat, but nothing substantial besides the idea of a cloud ecosystem has come up. Under such circumstances, capitalising on the technology truly holds the key to success.