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Huawei reveals its much anticipated trillion dollar initiatives for the Telecom Industry

Huawei announced its five big initiatives for the telecom sector to increase the latter’s digital transformation. The company envisions a huge $1 trillion enterprise cloud industry as well as $100 billion video industry in the future. Huawei’s big initiatives are geared to create fresh opportunities. The five big initiatives are Big Pipe, Big Architecture, Big Video, Big Operation, Big IT that are ubiquitous, elastic, everywhere, agile and enabling respectively.

With its associates, Huawei is establishing open labs for joint research and to support the quick commercial use of new services. A senior Executive Director of Huawei, Ryan Ding said that Huawei concentrates on its core businesses and is dedicated to facilitating carriers’ digital growth with constant strategic investment. He added that the company is of the opinion that long-term efforts as well persistence will result in significant breakthroughs.

The company also endorsed open platforms to facilitate collaboration. Additionally, the company declared innovative solution for IoT (Internet of Things), 4.5 G, 2K/4K video and Safe City. At Mobile World Congress ( MWC) 2016, the organization in tandem with its telecom operator as well as enterprise customers will give useful insights into the digital transformation that is occurring within the telecom sector.

During the MWC, Huawei will also unveil its innovative IoT, 4.5 G as well as Safe City solutions. The latter can assist global telecom carriers, as well as business enterprises, realize accelerated transformation, agile innovation, and commercial success.

Huawei’s Safe City solutions deploy state-of-the-art IoT and mobile broadband know-how to supply intelligent video-based security systems for urban areas. These systems help governments as well as municipal authorities to preempt crises and give a better response to emergencies. As of now, the company’s Safe City solutions have been implemented in more than 100 cities across over 30 nations.

The company is working along with consultants and software parties to establish industry specific ecosystems so as to deliver integrated solutions to sectors such as finance, government, energy, and transportation. Huawei is also collaborating with upstream and downstream associates to assist them to familiarize with the state-of-the-art telecom trends such as SDN/NFV and 5G.