Chinese manufacturer, Huawei has come up with 2 new devices what it claims to be as high speed offering Wi-Fi devices. The portable Wi-Fi devices – E5151 Mi-Fi (pocket Wi-Fi router), and E8131 (Wi-Fi data card) are up for sale through various e-commerce websites like Flipakart, Alibaba and more.

Huawei Portable Wi-Fi Devices

The Huawei E5151 and E8131 are currently priced at Rs. 4,999 and Rs. 2,999 respectively,

“With the Huawei innovation of creating a Wi-Fi hotspot easily on Huawei data card E8131 and pocket Wi-Fi E5151, users can share their single data connection with multiple devices. Both these products offer compatibility with all form factors and operating systems, and are easy to use, offering faster and seamless internet connectivity, said Victor Shan, Huawei Device India President during the launch event.

Huawei E5151 is pocket WiFi device that bears the capacity to support upto 10 devices and offer 21.6 Mbps speed. It can be used as a stationary router at home or carried around in office as one touch connect device. The inside of the router fits a Lithium-ion 1500mAh battery capable of providing work capacity up-to 5 hours.Huawei E5151

Huawei E8131 on the other hand, functions both as a data card and as a mobile WiFi hotspot, which can simultaneously connect up to five WiFi enabled devices. The dongle comes with a USB interface however, what separates it from other traditional data cards that can only be powered, via a computer is that E8131 offers users the flexibility of powering with a variety of USB chargers like a laptop, power mains and car charging port via adaptors.

It is also equipped with Type3i technology to provide up to 20 per cent more upload and download speed compared to non-Type3i devices. The so not known Hi-Link feature helps get access to Internet in just 15 seconds, without the hassle of installing any drivers or software!