HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Which is better?

HTC 10 is about justifying all the basics of a flagship phone. The company has gone rather conservative whilst designing this model beast. Obviously, the phone is being pitched against the Samsung Galaxy S7 which by the way is an amazing phone.

Nonetheless, HTC has never failed to excite us. Let us talk a little about this latest offering.


Supporting a full-metal design, the phone feels premium to hold and thanks to its curved edges, HTC 10 has a nice grip to it. It might not have IP 68 Waterproofing like the Galaxy S7 but it offers absolute stock android experience, similar to a nexus device.

Sound, camera & action-

HTC 10 is equipped with an excellent 12Mp rear camera which renders quality pictures for the users. Optical image stabilisation with laser autofocus, the camera supports just the right tools as a recipe for amazing pictures.

What’s under the hood-

Here, both, HTC 10 & the Samsung flagship have an identical hardware. Octa-core processors clocking 2.2 GHz, 4GB RAM and 32 gigs of internal storage with an option to add a memory card; this summarises both the phone’s hardware. In addition, you have an equally efficient fingerprint scanner for unlocking your phone.

For the aforementioned, HTC 10 stays at par with Galaxy S7, however, when we talk about the screen quality, things feel eager to take a U-turn.

Supporting a 5.2 inch display, HTC 10 does not have a Super AMOLED screen. Means, it cannot offer the deep colors seen on Galaxy S7. Still, it offers 1440 p resolution which is good but not good enough in comparison.

However, we do need to keep in mind that HTC 10 comes with UBS TYPE-C port which spells out convenience and aligns with futuristic charging standard.


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