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HP to introduce HP Pro X2 612 G1 hybrid tablet for businesses

HP to introduce HP Pro X2 612 G1, its new hybrid tablet, a device intended particularly for business. The new HP Pro X2 612 G1 is seen as a strong contender to Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with exquisite design and engineering marvel. In fact, reviewers have suggested that the device beats Microsoft’s contender in the comfort it offers. The device is easy to use on the lap and offers a sturdier keyboard than the other one.

The company intends to deliver the product as a hybrid tablet, allowing users to use it for business applications and comfortably swap to gaming application when required. Some of the key features of the tablet that make it ideal for business purposes include its Wacom Digitizer Pen input support. The same feature was used by Microsoft, but the company later opted out for N-Trig. Wacom Digitizers are known for precision, and this tablet deploys impressive 1,024 pressure-sensitivity levels. A flaw associated with the digitizers is their thickness, making the tablet weigh twice that of Microsoft’s device of two pounds.

While Microsoft’s Pro 3 functions equally well both as a laptop and as a tablet, HP’s device functions better as a laptop. The device’s features and the number of ports and slots do a good job in offsetting its extra weight. Moreover, the device has excellent inbuilt security controls, which explains the company’s urge to sell the laptop mainly to government agencies and businesses. Among the various security measures incorporated in it are a Smart Card Reader, TPM and an optional finger-print scanner.

The device is expected to hit huge success among businesses across the world because of the excellent specifications it offers. It will deploy an Intel Celeron processor, offering one from Pentium or Core i3 or Core i5. It will come with a 64GB storage, which could be upgraded to 512 GB.

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