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How Xiaomi became the world leader in the sale of smartphones


It is difficult for innovative smartphone makers to succeed, but Xiaomi’s success in smartphone sales has almost laid this speculation to rest. In the midst of the fierce competition overshadowing smartphone makers regarded as a new market entrant, Xiaomi was able to penetrate the China and India consumer market and take advantage of the large population to achieve a sales record that most of their competitors cannot match. But there are specific steps the company chose to become famous in the smartphone market which we are going to examine. Here is an account of what they did to claim the number one spot in smartphone sales globally.

  1. Smart marketing strategy

Analysts at research paper writing service believe that Xiaomi’s business model is built to last. The company took advantage of several marketing opportunities to reach out to a broad audience in countries where competition is on the high side. According to a report by IDC, the company’s shipment was named the fifth largest in the globe in the second as well as third quarters of the year 2017.

Xiaomi also recorded astronomical sales in India and was named the fourth in China. And given that these two countries have one of the biggest consumer markets given their population growth and size, Xiaomi’s revenue continues to increase.


One of the reasons Xiaomi’s smartphone sales has been a success over the years is because they never seize to invest in marketing and advertising. The company built its market share majorly on that and sponsored various marketing campaigns to unseat other domestic brands especially in their home country, China. They sponsored various television entertainment programs and had several walk-in stores at several strategic locations. The unveiling of their Mi Home stores also increased sales in both China and India market.

  1. Mouth-watering deals and user-friendly features

Xiaomi was established in 2010 but still operates as a private firm. One crucial strategy that made a name for the company was their pocket-friendly prices. Phones with incredible features had lower price tags. Their Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 down to Redmi 4A were reportedly the company’s top-selling Smartphone brands in the third quarter of 2017. Xiaomi has an incredible marketing and business model most of their competitors cannot match.

  1. Improved online sales strategy

Xiaomi did not only record more sales by offering incredible deals. According to professionals at Myessaygeek, the company also had one of the best online sales strategies other competing smartphone sellers didn’t have. Xiaomi was able to dominate more than half of the online market in places like India with high consumer market which is something others were struggling to achieve.


Xiaomi has consistently been dominating the smartphone market in India since gaining entrance into the market. The company has held this record back to back and does not look like they are giving up anytime soon. In fact, about three of the reported top-rated five bestselling smartphones in the country are said to be from them. The popularity they have been enjoying as mentioned above is because of the value and performance of their offerings. The low price point of their smartphones also gives Xiaomi a competitive edge over other players.