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How travel is made easier, thanks to Technology

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It’s difficult to remember a time when we traveled without smartphones, laptops, action cameras, and other gadgets. The same can be said for the assortment of internet-based services designed to assist with the travel process. Technology has changed drastically in the past couple of decades, and it has greatly affected the way we travel. With an online world of information at our fingertips, we can make smarter travel decisions, book flights and hotels in a matter of seconds with the help of a travel agency of our choice, and snap photos without having to pull out a bulky camera.

The following are several ways technology has made our lives as travelers easier, more convenient, and ultimately, more fun.

We’re Never Bored

A good book or magazine used to be the only thing travelers carried on the airplane for entertainment. Now, we’re just a few swipes or clicks away from our favorite TV shows, movies and more. Being able to download content to our phones, or even stream it using in-flight WiFi, has made short- and long-distance travel so much more bearable. And if you’re still into reading on the plane, tech items like Kindles and other e-readers allow you to bring an entire library onboard without weighing down your carry-on.

We Have Access to More Accommodations

Many travelers prefer using hotels whenever they leave home, but companies like Zeus and Airbnb have given us access to entirely different accommodation options. Now, we’re able to find short-term, non-hotel lodging, which means we can enjoy full homes when traveling with friends or a little more privacy when traveling solo. Booking an entire apartment or home often helps save money too, as travelers can shop for groceries, cook and avoid dining at costly restaurants every day.

Booking Has Never Been Easier

While travel agents do still exist, they’re quickly becoming a thing of the past. That’s because we can handle all of our booking needs with the use of our smartphones. In just a few minutes, we can have flights, hotels and tours scheduled and booked. The smartphone has become the new travel agency, and it’s saving travelers a lot of time and money.

We’re Making Better Decisions

Dining out while traveling used to involve a fair amount of risk-taking. When we stumbled upon a restaurant, we hoped the food was fresh and tasty, but unless we had a recommendation from a friend, we truly had no idea. Now, travelers can simply log onto a number of review websites to read customer reviews, browse photos and even take a look at the menu. This means less striking out with poor-quality restaurants and enjoying more fulfilling meals wherever our travels take us.

Our Adventures Are Shared With Everyone

Remember when your mom used to worry whenever you hopped aboard a plane? She knew she would probably only hear from you a few times throughout your trip. Now, we’re able to share our locations, what we’re doing, and of course, plenty of photos immediately with our smartphones, social media, and sharing apps. Not only does mom no longer have to worry, but we can discover who else is traveling in the same area, and make others jealous with our impressive photos.

There’s no doubt travel has improved greatly due to technology. We’re spending less time planning and more time adventuring. What are a few ways technology has affected the way you travel? Can you imagine hitting the road or skies without your smartphone now? Let us know!

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