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How to utilize the advanced technology to increase product sales

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Every now and then you will come across different technological developments that help us to enhance our lives in multiple ways. Not only it has benefited the individuals that created them, but the collective advantage society can enjoy is much greater.

Businesses have incorporated technology in their everyday operations to maximize profits and revenue. However, there are many different small-scale businesses that are still sceptical about the benefits of implementing new technology. One of the areas where it can be extremely helpful is product sales.

Here is how advanced technology can be utilized to increase product sales:

  1. Augmented Reality

One of the major developments in technology is the inception of augmented reality. For any products that usually require a showroom to fully appreciate (for example, home furnishings, window blinds online, decor, designer floor rugs etc), then you should consider implementing a custom visualiser application. By having the main image change based on the product options selected, you can better illustrate what the product will look like once configured. Another way to implement something like this is to use Augmented Reality with the customer’s smartphone. You can have an application that will let the end-user upload a picture of their interiors, and then overlay the product onto it. With window blinds, or flooring they can place the product over their windows and floors to see what it will look like, without having to visit a showroom.

  1. Better data management

One of the reasons why huge businesses are really successful is optimal data management. Any business needs to manage their data properly. Apps like Salesforce and ticketing software like Zendesk can certainly help to manage all of your customer’s queries and sales information. Data can provide valuable insights into consumer behaviour. Having access to such data means that consumers can be catered in a more personalized manner which results in better customer satisfaction. There are many types of software out there that can enable better data management. Using software like the above mentioned will mean that customers can’t be recommended enough.

  1. Better manufacturing ability

Technology is not limited to marketing purposes. Marketing only remains effective if the actual product itself is of great quality. In order to manufacture any product better, there need to be quality controls in place, as well as the use of up to date machinery. Fortunately, technology has advanced at such a pace that quality machines are easily available and for a low cost. Businesses should utilize these machines in order to create better products and thereby increasing their sales.

  1. Better customer service

This is perhaps the most important of all. No matter how good the businesses are in manufacturing a product, there is a need for good customer service. Customer service needs to be there in order to satisfy the customers completely. This can be done by using artificial intelligence. Ever heard of AI chatbots? They can help handle bulk customer queries, and solve a lot of issues prior to reaching your real customer service team. This can help reduce wait times overall and help customers solve their queries faster than usual. The major benefit also being you should less support staff overall helping to further your bottom line.

  1. Use product selectors

This online printer ink company has utilised a product selector to help the customers find their cartridges, matching them up to their brand and model of a printer with ease. This prevents the question of even getting to customer support and will increase customer satisfaction.

  1. Implement custom web applications

A league of legends Elo boosting company has implemented a custom web application where the whole order is handled from start to finish in their web app. Updates are pushed to the customer’s discord (a gaming voice chat program) in real-time to let them receive information about the status of their order. Inside the customer dashboard, an API communicates with the Riot Games servers to pull a match history. All of these custom implementations will help prevent escalations to customer support and in turn increase customer satisfaction.

When customer satisfaction is at an all-time high, huge sales will surely always follow.

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