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How to use your Video Drone to make money

You’ve got a video drone now, and it’s fun to use for all sorts of reasons, but you have to start looking at this purchase as an investment. Remember that video drones can produce valuable images and videos for others if you know what to shoot and who to sell it to, which is what the following will explore.


One of the most profitable ways to use your video drone is for weddings. There are a lot of people who want to have images and videos of their wedding from all sorts of angles. Getting aerial footage was an impossibility for most people, but that is no longer the case. Drone footage of a backyard wedding and other outdoor venues can be breathtaking. Bride and grooms know this and they’re willing to pay.

Make sure you are trained to do this before getting started. Avoid flying your drone over guests to avoid hitting someone.


Artists love to not only throw concerts but get enough footage from those concerts to show off online. The reason they do this is to entice other fans to buy tickets since the concert looks fun and exciting.

Getting aerial shots of concerts is pretty valuable because it shows how well-attended these concerts are, which provides powerful images to the artists. Again, make sure the images and videos you take don’t force you to fly directly over the crowds for safety, but this is definitely a good way to make money.


Many areas of the world are difficult for people to reach on foot. Drone operators have a chance to provide a service for those who wish to monitor these regions.

For example, you could use your drone to help geologists in search of oil, gas, and mineral deposits by providing them with high-definition footage of topography. This is cost-effective from their point-of-view, given the fact they can avoid trekking into rugged terrain unless they’ve got evidence it’s worth exploring.

Real Estate

More people are shopping online. This is something home sellers and real estate agents are aware of, which is the reason aerial images and video captured by drones are becoming increasingly important to them. Home shoppers want to take virtual tours online of the property they are interested in.

They want to see the interior of the home in full HD and want to see how the home is situated among the community, and that is where you come in. You’ll take images and videos that the real estate agent will use to help entice potential buyers to visit the house in person.

Film and Television

You have probably seen movies or TV shows that show aerial shots of a town or a city. These shots are taken by aerial drones though at one point they used to be taken by helicopters, which was quite expensive.

Since drones are cheaper, now you have the ability to offer these kinds of images to more than just big-budget film companies. You can offer these images to media students, indie filmmakers, or TV show creators. This opens up your market, and it means you’ll have an easier time finding buyers. You are going to have to get good at creating interesting shots so that your work is sought after.


Drones can also be used by small business owners to deliver supplies, documents, or products to places that are hard to reach. Driving to remote locations can be a little expensive and sometimes near impossible, so having you as an alternative can really help these small businesses out.

You’ll have to train yourself to be able to deliver packages with no problem, but this could become a very lucrative side job that you can do full time if it goes well for you.

These are just some ways you can make a little extra money with your drone. You can see how valuable this device can be to you, so take advantage of the opportunities presented to you.

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