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How to use Video Transcriptions to boost your video

Did you know that organizations and businesses with integrated video captions and transcripts are getting the most views? It is true, indeed. Videos that contain text are why companies, regardless of their standing, are fetching more traction. The crucial information with the visual content acts as an explainer for the viewer, taking it to the top.

The fact is that videos are and will continue to be the most engaging content online. Let us think about it this way; a picture says a thousand words. A video adds more value and makes it much more catchy and appealing. Whether it is the promo, an embedded video, or one running on the side-frame, it gains maximum attention. The worth of video gets already established; all we need is to figure out how we can do more value-addition. If we use the feature the right way, we can elevate the number of visits and engagement on our website or portal.

The videos’ uses are many, and we can capitalize on them with a little tact and strategy. On a basic level, we can enhance a video for any marketing campaign. It helps get the message across in the most useful way. It allows us to do more with little and make use of every bit of effort in promoting content. Once we develop a stellar content, we may subscribe to a paid transcription service. Alternatively, we could look for the best free transcription software for a financially wise investment.

The two essential things to remember when designing the text is that it should be eye-catching and relevant. The keywords, undoubtedly, have a significant role to play to project the video. It is also highly essential to know the difference between the text for the captions and the transcripts. Let us now discuss the methods you could use to transcript your videos and give them a lift.

  1. Online Free Programs

You can choose from many of the online programs to kick-start your marketing campaign. Luckily, there is online software that allows you to convert speech to text instantly. So, the first step to knowing which software will suit your content and help optimize it fully. The good part of all such programs is that they make your online project endeavors more convenient. However, one thing we must pay close attention to is the erroneous content.

When we use any of these free services to convert pre-recorded videos, the transcripts may have typos. So, make sure you do the proofreading after you finish. Moreover, you need to be aware of having a stable internet to properly use any of the online services. So a proper internet and a system supporting it would be a perfect solution.

  1. Mobile Applications

The good thing about transcriptions is that various methods are simplifying the process. All you have to do is open up your online store, depending on whether you use Android or Apple. It allows you to choose from many transcription solutions available and choose that suits you the most. For instance, if you are always on the go, you can have a suitable app installed for all professional endeavors. Then, there is another aspect that simplifies this process further; our phones already comprise the features. So, there’s not even a need to use the internet or go to the download folder.

  1. YouTube Captioning

Another staggering feature that helps for transcribing all your videos is the automatic captioning on YouTube. This option is useful in your professional endeavors if you find it difficult to follow the schedule. In such circumstances, you can leave it all up to YouTube captioning to do the job for you. But as you use this solution, remember that the overall quality of output can be disappointing. It happens when there’s background distortion, and it isn’t easy to keep things together. If you want to get the best results, use this solution for the videos that have a good quality of sound overall.

But as we are on the go, it is not always possible or easy to have the best sound or quality in our videos. So, if the content is good and surpasses the distortions, then this is an excellent option. There are several videos online that can prove a guide to using YouTube Captioning in the best possible way.

  1. Cloud Speech API

Moving towards an excellent and stand-out solution, you can very well choose Google’s Application Programming Interface for the next video. Otherwise called Cloud Speech, the option is distinctive because it offers comprehensive solutions for transcription. What’s more to it? Well, the API can recognize no less than 120 languages, making your job quite easy. But, with great value comes the price, although it allows for an entire free hour. For extended transcriptions beyond the time-span, buying would be fruitful. The fee depends absolutely on the quality of the transcriptions.

  1. Professional Transcriptions

When you’re working on your first project and want the outcome to be very impressive, you may choose a transcription service. Turning to a somewhat professional service is an answer for the one-off or occasional projects. However, if you are into a regular business or run a podcast, this may not be the wisest choice. That’s because it will burden your pocket and might make you sign-off on it very soon. The second thing to go for would be a self-transcription method. In short, you may find this option useful if the video is not discreet or confidential. Thus, a low price may not always be the answer.

Final Word

The video on your website can take your first and last hope for all professional endeavors. Yet, you can’t make it stand out from the rest if it does not follow an out-of-the-box solution. That means you must opt for more value addition by adding transcripts and captions, to make it prominent. As you do so, you’ll have to remember your business needs. Choosing a solution wherein your video or the application does not match will only undermine it. The key is in using a reasonable solution for regular or frequent transcriptions and paid one for the great ones.

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