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How To Use Technology To Raise Funds


If you’re trying to raise funds, either as a new business, a Kickstarter trying to launch a new product, or even as a charity trying to get more donations, technology can be a great tool to attract more funds.

Tech opens up more opportunities and gives you more options to get money for your organization. Here are a few interesting and useful ways technology can be used to raise funds.

Crowdfunding software 


One of the best ways to get funds online is through dedicated crowdfunding software. This software allows you to raise money for any cause, be you an individual, business, charity, or more.

There is a lot of crowdfunding software to use, but the best ones will give you the ability to accept donations easily from various payment options and will also be easy to share on social media and other platforms online.

When using crowdfunding software, you can boost your chances by providing interesting details of what you’re raising for and milestones and goals so that donors can see what you’re aiming for.

When trying to raise funds for a product, many businesses give people who have donated to a crowdfund perks as a thank you. For example, video games that have been funded via this mean offer exclusive content, such as artwork or early access, as an incentive. Charities have also been known to send gifts like bracelets as thanks.


When raising funds for a business or charity, marketing has always been important to build attention. One fundraising channel that marketers usually forget about is SMS.

With SMS fundraising, you’re able to message potential donors directly, and they’re able to reply and send funds to your organization easily. This method is great for non-profits, and you can learn more about SMS for nonprofits here.

SMS can be effective because it’s a direct channel to a potential customer and has a high engagement rate when compared to emails and other forms of marketing. Most people will at least open and look at a text they receive.

Targeted Ads 

When trying to get funding for your project, be it a non-profit or not, you want to get people who are going to be interested in what you do. You can try targeted ads to ensure that you’re reaching the right people who are more likely to donate.

When using targeting ads, you can set parameters that ensure that only a specific type of social media user sees your adverts. By selecting the right metrics, you can target individuals who are likely to be more interested in what you’re trying to raise funds for, making them more likely to donate.


Technology has made many things easier in many industries, and fundraising is one aspect of life that benefits. With technology, people can use various crowdfunding software to make donations easily. Organizations can also use targeted ads to find the right donors and then reach them directly with SMS fundraising.

Use these ways of fundraising to boost your chances of raising the money you need.

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