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How to Use Online Services to Save Money on Your New Home

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t want to save money where they can, whether it’s by using PC-Tablet’s international calls tips or on much larger expenses, like cars and loans. Now, more so than at any point over the last decade, people are trying to save money across the board. This has come into play with house prices, fuel, and the cost of living all surging.

For anyone looking to find a new house, set up cost-saving measures, and make it into a home, the current climate can seem rather daunting. Still, there are several online services that can help you to save money on your new home, whether you’re downsizing or upscaling.

Getting the decision principle online for free

If you want to get ahead of the game, be ready to jump at a great deal, and have agencies on your side from the get-go: you’ll want to get your hands on a mortgage in principle (MIP) early in the house-hunting process. Also known as an agreement in principle or decision in principle, many people avoid getting a MIP because they often run hard credit checks and require a lot of information, including payslips, a photo ID, and utility bills to check your eligibility.

However, to circumvent these arduous tasks and potential costs of running it, there are now services that cater to those aiming to save time on the process. For example, Trussle’s MIP service is free, doesn’t require stuff like payslips, bills, and ID, and still provides an accurate estimate as to the amount that you can borrow. Being online, it’s easy to access, but what makes this MIP superior to most is that it only runs a soft check against 18 leading lenders. This ensures that your credit score doesn’t take a hit just because you want to know how much you can borrow, and you still get an accurate MIP.

Get smart with your utilities

Unfortunately, the cost of living crisis has created a landscape where there’s very little between competing energy companies, be they entirely reliant on fossil fuels or more green-inclined. Either way, with caps going up, so will prices across the board simply because companies have to do so to keep going. As a result, the only real way to save on utility bills for the foreseeable future is to reduce your energy consumption. Many already do this admirably to be more eco-friendly, but much more can be done.

To keep an eye on your energy outgoings, which invariably end up cutting consumption and saving money, turn to the Loop’s Smart platform. It’s been proven that just the ability to see, track, and monitor energy consumption results in people slightly adjusting behaviours to save on consumption. The Loop app links to an existing smart meter, analyses your energy data, and then outlines the easiest ways to save money and consume less energy. They claim that the average user saves ten percent on electricity use alone.

Check the décor before you buy

After moving into a new house, you’re going to want to decorate and accessorise to transform it into your home. However, a common pitfall that many people find is that they go out or go online, buy lots of nice things, but then they don’t go or don’t suit a room either immediately or in a year or so. As such, forward planning your home décor can save you a lot of money, but it can be tricky to visualise a room that’s not yet decorated fully.

For this, you can turn to the Decor Matters website. While there’s a lot on offer here for people seeking ideas and those who want to showcase their flair, the key element for you is its augmented reality tool. This allows you to see the room and decorate it before you make a single purchase. You’ll also be able to make use of the artificial intelligence algorithm, which tries to save you time with its product recommendations that are based on your design preferences.

With the Internet being a free and open exchange of information, these three platforms and services are at the ready to help you save time and money on getting into, decorating, and fuelling a new house.

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