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How to Update the Firmware on an ASUS Router

Firmware is a particular class of computer software designed to provide low-level control for the specific hardware of the device. It may include only the device’s elementary basic functions and provide services to high-level software. The firmware for the router is the same as the soul for the body. The firmware is the only thing that makes the router function. This software lets users access several features of the router.

Almost every router nowadays functions well devoid of a need to update the firmware. They may do not include the modern feature enhancements brought by new updates.  As a user of the Asus router, you can download the Asus firmware updates on a regular basis. The following details explain different aspects of the Asus firmware updates and assist you to make a well-informed decision to update your Asus router’s firmware.

The main reasons to update the Asus router firmware

  • Bug patches and fixes to issues
  • Feature improvements and performance optimizations to the central processing units based components in particular OpenVPN
  • Software component updates with the stability and security enhancements,
  • SNMP support for the best models in particular NTP daemon for active synchronization of client devices. The best-in-class aspects of all such updates together make the Asus router reliable, fast, and deliver optimal performance on a regular basis.

You may be a beginner to the router firmware updates and think about how to get such a thing done on time. You have to know and keep in mind that the Asus router firmware update is based on the easy-to-follow steps. Do not forget that old firmware files on your Asus router may end in poor performance and network issues. You must keep on checking for the latest firmware update for the Asus router.

In general, firmware is a pre-installed program that controls the complete behaviour and device’s working issues. It adds maximum functionality and enhances the device’s overall performance. Updating the Asus router is an easy thing and can be completed with a few easy steps. If you do not properly update the firmware of the Asus router, then you have to solve a number of errors.

The two methods

There are two methods for updating the firmware of the Asus router. The first method is to enable the auto firmware update during the first network configuration. The second method is manually updating the firmware with the help of the support page and the web setup wizard.

Update on WebGUI

  • Open your web browser and access the WebGUI at https://router.asus.com
  • Enter your login username and password and click Sign in
  • Restore the Asus router to the factory default status when you forgot the username and/or password.
  • Take note of a pop-up message at the screen’s upper right corner about whether a new version of firmware is accessible.
  • Click Update Now
  • Access the Administration > System page automatically
  • Click on Firmware Upgrade
  • Wait until the upload is completed
  • After completion of the firmware upgrading process, sign in to the web UI
  • Access Administration > Restore / Save / Upload Setting > Factory default
  • Click Restore
  • A pop-up message appears and asks you if you want to reset the Asus router.
  • Click Ok
  • Reset wills start

Update manually

  • Download the latest firmware’s version for the device from the Asus Website. You can identify the appropriate support page of the Asus router on the official Asus Networking website https://asus.com/Networking/Wireless-Routers-Products/.
  • Download the file and unzip the file
  • You will see the w. file on the right
  • Open the browser
  • Navigate to WebGUI https://router.asus.com
  • Access the login page
  • Enter login username and password
  • Click Sign in
  • Find Administration in Advanced Settings
  • Click on Firmware Upgrade
  • Click Upload
  • Select the firmware file you wish to upload
  • Click the Open button for uploading the firmware
  • Wait for a few minutes for the firmware update process to complete.

Clarify your doubts

You may have a doubt that whether you have to re-establish the router to the manufacture default settings after installing the firmware. You have to restore the Asus router manufacture default settings subsequent to updating its firmware. You can go to https://router.asus.com and follow the QIS to successfully set up the router again.

Some people do not know what they have to do when they cannot enter the web UI for restoring their router after upgrading the firmware. They can push the RESET button on their router. They have to press and hold the reset button for five to ten seconds until their power LED light begins to flash. If the router is restarting, then none of these lights is on. You have to wait until all lights are turned on and log in to the Web UI again.

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