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How to stream live games on your smartphone

Live streaming has become one of the hottest gaming trends over the past year. Yet at first glance, it might seem to fly in the face of the mobile-first environment in which games operate. From a playing perspective, if you’re fighting for your virtual life in Vainglory or engaged in a different sort of battle at an online casino, the mobile experience is every bit as good as desktop – sometimes even better.

Streaming, on the other hand, implies the need for a webcam and a larger screen, whether it’s eSport on Twitch or taking on a real-world blackjack dealer using Haiper’s live casino platform. However, your trusty smartphone is more than capable of delivering a live gaming experience.

Using Twitch on the go

As the most popular game streaming service of them all, let’s discuss Twitch first. There’s nothing to stop you from logging on to the main Twitch website from your mobile browser and simply viewing their live channels or video content from there. However, for a more tailored experience, it is worth installing the Twitch app. It’s available on Android or iOS from all the usual sources.

The app makes it easy for you to follow your favorite channels, and you can set it to provide push notifications when a new broadcast gets underway. You also have easy access to all the extra functionality, including chat, news, and the Airplay option, whereby you can stream from your phone to a big screen.

Making clever use of limited space

On the subject of screen size, this is a major concern for certain types of live gaming streams. Here, we are thinking in particular about those card games, where you need a clear view of what the dealer is doing, as well as the cards in your own hand.

There are a few ways around this. Many of the casino sites allow you to zoom in or out, but that can become awkward, and frustrating. A far better solution is the use of a split-screen. This means you see the dealer area on one pane and the game table on another. It makes for far better clarity. After all, to play your cards right you need to be sure of what you are holding!

Stream whatever’s on your phone

The above points address the question of accessing live gaming streams on your phone. But what if you are the one doing the streaming? There are a few different apps you can experiment with here, but one that has gained a loyal following is this clever creation from Streamlabs.

There are different versions for Android or iOS, but in essence, the app gives you the power to stream whatever is on your phone screen to YouTube or Twitch at the touch of a button. All you have to do is hit the Screen Capture icon and select Start Now. If you are using an iOS device, make sure Screen Recording is enabled from the settings menu before you begin.

Mobile gaming and live streaming are two of the biggest trends in gaming. Now you know there is nothing to stop you from combining them both.

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