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How to stay productive while working remotely

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, many companies all over the world have started going remote. The reasons for working remotely are obvious – it has positive effects on the productivity of employees and it saves the company a lot of money. However, remote work is also a challenge, especially when a company is doing it for the first time.

That’s why today we’ll be taking a look at some of the ways to make sure your company stays productive when working remotely.


Proper communication is one of the pillars of all successful businesses. Proper communication is especially important with virtual teams, as they are all located in different places, possibly across the world, and lack the usual face-to-face interactions their in-office counterparts have.

You need to encourage your remote workers to talk to each other as much as it is needed. This ensures all of you stay on the same page and still strive to achieve the same business goals, even when away from each other.

Additionally, you need to establish the proper way of communication in your company. This means all your employees need to know the exact means (channels), time, and frequency of communication they should practice. If done correctly, you are able to minimize the risk of miscommunication in your company.

Set Expectations

With asynchronous communications, it may be a bit harder for you to see if your employees are performing and doing their tasks as you expect them to.

That’s why it’s important that you set clear expectations for all your employees from the get-go. If all your employees know exactly what you are expecting from them, they are much more likely to deliver the work.

Don’t forget to follow through with all the tasks as it will help you better measure their productivity, effectiveness, and performance.

Don’t Expect your Employees to be Productive all the Time

It’s a pretty known fact that transitioning tho remote work can cause problems for everyone, especially when it’s done so fast, and in harder times in which we live in today. Your employees and even you can feel stressed, anxious, frustrated, and unmotivated.

However, all these feelings are perfectly fine and normal and you shouldn’t feel bad about them. Usually, any new arrangement takes time getting used to, so make sure you cut everyone some slack. Not all of your employees will be productive all the time and you shouldn’t hold a grudge over it.

Instead, try to cut everyone some slack. Be there for them, talk to them about their problems, and help them out as much as you can.

Remember to Have Fun

While many managers and business owners think that all work and no play results in more productive employees, studies have shown that a fun environment creates happier and more satisfied employees which in turn creates employees that are better at their jobs.

Humans are social creatures and we all need to relieve ourselves from stress and have some fun to help cope with all the daily problems we face. Having fun at work also helps with improving teamwork, increasing employee retention and building more trusting relationships between coworkers.

To have fun while working from home, you can start a movie or a book club at your company, play online games with your employees, eat lunch together via Zoom, or even create specific Slack channels dedicated to sharing photos of your pets. The options to have fun while working from home are almost endless.

Ask Your Employees for Feedback

Since this is most likely the first time your company is working remotely, it would be great to regularly ask your employees for feedback. You can use that feedback to adjust your work from home regiment as it’s needed.

Wrapping Things Up

While remote work has been a dream for many, many business owners and managers fear the effects remote work would have on the productivity of their employees.

To ensure your employees stay productive while working remotely, encourage your team to frequently communicate, set clear expectations for all your employees, but at the same time don’t expect everyone to be productive all the time, remember to have fun, and regularly ask your employees for feedback on your remote work efforts.

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