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How to start your career with eSports?

Esports is an emerging career segment that is unknown to many. In fact, there are several career opportunities that the segment provides, both to the freshers as well as those who have acquired some experience. Also, with more companies getting attached to eSports, that translates to more jobs becoming available. And if you want to motivate yourself, you can check the earnings of top eSports players at playershive.

Naturally, the thing uppermost in everybody’s mind at this juncture will be to know the sort of jobs that eSports provides for. Well, those can range from the professional player to the coach or analyst, admin or referee, event manager, agent, product manager, journalist, production crew, to name a few.

Also, with lots of opportunities on offer, there is a good chance of you landing a nice job with good pay. However, while there might be several positions available, the bad news is it could take a lot of hard work and dedication that is needed to shine. So, it is only those who share a deep passion for the job that has a better chance of making it big. It just isn’t suited to the pretenders who might lose interest after a while.

Here are a few ways your can start your career with eSports:

Find your niche

This will be like finding your comfort zone and settling down within that space. You can channelize all your resources, mental and physical to excel in this niche. Determine what skills you have, things that really stir you up from inside, and see what job areas those match with. This will also allow you to pile up experience in a particular segment and become a pro in that segment.

Get started

Your best chance to learn swimming is when you are in the water. The same goes here as well and you will do good to get started in whatever way you can. Just do a check if the particular segment is of interest to you. If yes, start with it. Of course, there is no harm in it as you get paid for your efforts as well. That is really nice as you are getting the chance to learn the nuances of the job, develop the skills needed and build on it further.

Just put in the practice and continue with the same with a mad zeal day in and day out. You will know you have reached a point when you start feeling comfortable. Now, this is also the time when you have the liberty to be a bit adventurous and experiment a bit. This will add to your experience even more as you will know which leads to what.

Be a volunteer

Sometimes, companies hire volunteers to help them tide over a special event. Those can be paid and unpaid positions though both should be equally desirable for a job seeker given the level of experience it can provide for. You get to be associated with a company and have a taste of how it functions, what all goes on behind the scenes for an event to be successful, how you can chip in, and so on. Such efforts can also add weight to your CV as well and can well open up newer opportunities for you later on.

Get educated

With esports gradually gaining popularity, educational institutions too have started to offer courses on the same to ensure the job seekers are better prepared for any given position. Since the courses have been devised after a lot of deliberations and to suit specific job segments, it can be worth it to go through them before searching for a job. Companies too will be more comfortable zeroing in on a candidate who has the backing of a reputed educational institute than otherwise.

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