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How to start your career as a YouTube gaming streamer

The gaming industry is growing huge, up from 78 billion in 2017 and crossing $90 billion in 2020. Adding to that growth is the increasing popularity of the gaming community over the years. Platforms like YouTube and Twitch allow people to watch other gamers play. Some channels garner enough followers and subscribers to make money out of it. Top YouTube influencers like PewDewPie have a massive following with over 100 million subscribers, earning an estimated $120 million streaming games. As a result, getting paid to stream games is a fast-growing trend. In this article, with the help of playershive we’ll help you guide how to become a YouTube gamer. We’ll also talk about how you can create gaming content on YouTube and improve your streams’ quality.

Pick your niche

Just like with any business, the first step is to know what kind of games you’ll want to stream to get your YouTube channel off the ground. It’s like finding your niche and having a strategy, as the gaming ecosystem is very diverse and competitive. It’s essential to create a different identity and feel around your channel to attract more organic visitors to your stream. For instance, YouTubers might follow your channel to learn something new. They might be stuck at a level or struggling to get through a boss fight, or they may want to improve their skills to move up the ranks and compete in tournaments. In short, your content can inspire and help other gamers in ways that you may have found hard to learn at some point.

Besides, viewers might flock towards your channel because it gives them a sense of connecting with other like-minded gamers. Staying in touch with like-minded YouTubers can be a great way to learn new skills, tactics and meet new people. So, once you’ve decided what kind of games you want to make videos on, the next thing is to determine the type of gaming channel you want to showcase to your viewers. Below is a list of YouTube gaming channel categories you might want to consider for your gaming channel.


Video game tutorials are a popular category specifically for story mode games. Targetting gamers who want to learn something new, these channels help viewers get better at the game or overcome an obstacle. Tutorials are viral within the gaming community, especially for fighting games and online multiplayer titles like Overwatch, COD, Mortal Kombat, or MOBAs.

Humor and Comedy

As the name suggests, these channels take edited gameplay footage to create something funny and entertaining alongside the player’s commentary. Games like Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, and Skyrim commonly show up on these channels. If you’re good at editing videos, you should try creating content in this category. However, these require editing skills more than other categories.

Gameplay walkthroughs

Thanks to streamers like ¬†TheRadBard, this category has become increasingly popular. According to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, he’s been one of YouTube’s top gaming creators since he launched his channel back in 2010. These streamers record their entire video game experience alongside their commentary while playing the game. However, you need to bring something different to the table so that viewers keep coming back for more. YouTubers streaming walkthroughs have a particularly charismatic personality, and viewers flock to these channels to see how different streamers react to the same game and its missions.


Gaming reviews on YouTube is another category that gets a lot of traction. Reviews are usually about new game releases. Viewers typically watch these videos when they’re pondering over whether to buy a new game and want to find out about the gameplay, graphics, story, and more. YouTube has become a hub for video game reviews and one of the best ways to find out whether a game is worth buying or not. No wonder game reviewers have become an integral part of the gaming culture.

Build your channel

Once you’ve decided what you want to do with your channel, it’s time to start working on it. But, first, it’s time to find the right tools and start producing quality content. To do so, you’ll need to invest in some equipment, create funky artwork, logos, profile pic, and other designs.

You’ll also need to decide what platform to play on. For instance, it could be on an Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, or a PC. Whether you choose to play on a PC or a console, you’ll need additional hardware and software to start a YouTube gaming channel.

To begin with, you’ll need a video camera. It doesn’t have to be DSLR level, as just a Full HD would do the trick if videos are done the right way. You can use webcams, or a tripod-mounted, or a desk-mounted digital camera.

The next step is to find a screen capture software to show the game you’ll be playing. If you’re playing on a console, you’ll need to buy a compatible capture card for your console. Capture cards allow streamers to store videos in high quality and ensure high-quality recording.

Even for PCs, you’ll need to install software to capture the gameplay. You can check out Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), a rather popular among YouTubers and comes free of cost.

Moving on, you’ll also need to find other equipment such as a good quality microphone for a crisp and quality sound. You might also need to buy new lighting, as good lighting makes a world of difference, giving your videos a professional look and feel.

Finally, you’ll also need video editing software to edit videos before you post them on YouTube.

Start posting videos

Now that you have decided on the kind of games you want to stream and acquired the necessary tools, it’s time to start posting on your YouTube channel. Choose a catchy title and keyword for your stream, start creating custom video thumbnails, along with intros and outros.

The initial phase is about trial and error, so don’t be afraid to try different methods before finding your voice and style.

As you start posting more often, you’ll better understand what you prefer and what your audience enjoys.

Promotion and Feedback

Once you start posting regularly, it’s time to promote your channel through social media and other tools, so it starts gaining traction. To grow as a YouTuber, you need to learn from your errors, so listen to the feedback you receive and work to improve them. Getting advice from more experienced gaming YouTubers goes a long way. YouTube analytics is a great tool to gain insights into how your channel is performing. Ask your audience what they like and dislike about your YouTube gaming videos. It’s always good to interact with your audience to improve future content and make your viewers feel involved.

Start getting paid

Once you start posting videos consistently, your channels grow in popularity, and so do your subscribers. Once you reach 1000 subscribers, you’re eligible to join the YouTube partner program, which lets you post ads on your videos. From here on, there’s no looking back. Keep in mind that you’re having fun while you’re at it, as some of the most significant YouTube gamers started without ever intending to make money. Instead, they had fun posting videos on YouTube and interacting with their viewers. Just by sharing their video-gaming experiences on YouTube, they’ve grown enormously and made some serious money through the platform.

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