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How to Set Up Alexa in Hindi? Guide to Change Alexa Language to Hindi

Amazon recently updated its Alexa-powered Echo speakers with support for the Hindi language, along with the skills required to back it as the primary communication. Therefore, you can now interact with Alexa in Hindi without any hassles. It can not only understand commands in Hindi but can also reply back in the same language.

So, do you want to add Hindi support to your Alexa-powered devices? Well, follow the step-by-step guide given below.

Change Alexa Language from English to Hindi

Image03Before we start with the steps, make sure that your Echo device is plugged into a power source and has live internet connectivity. Assuming that you’ve already set up the device, it should now be linked with your active Amazon account.

Furthermore, ensure that you’re running the latest software version. You can check for the same using Alexa app on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can say commands like “Alexa, check for software updates” and it’ll automatically check and install updates if available.

Step-by-step Guide to Set up Alexa in Hindi

Image09For starters, changing language settings on Alexa is a piece of cake. In fact, it’s as easy as asking “Alexa, help me set up Hindi.” And it’ll then guide you through further steps to switch your preferred primary language.

Anyway, there’s a manual method too, which involves the Alexa app and can be used by existing Echo owners. To set up your Echo device in Hindi-

1] Open the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone.

2] Head to the Devices section from the list of options given on the bottom of the screen. Here, pick the Echo device for which you want to change the language. Note that the device should be online and connected to your Amazon account.

3] After selecting the device, scroll down and select the Language option.

4] On the next screen, choose Hindi. You can also opt for Hindi/ English or English/ Hindi to enable multi-lingual support.

5] Confirm the prompt and wait for a few minutes while Alexa updates the Echo to work with Hindi commands. You will be notified you once the process completes.

Image07That’s it. Your default Alexa language has now been changed. And you can now start interacting with the Echo device in Hindi by using commands like “Alexa, Bollywood Ke Gaane Sunao, “Alexa, AC Chalu Karo,” “Alexa, Volume Badhao” and more. You can also ask for other Hindi content including Shayari, Jokes, Stories, Movie dialogues and even Spellings.

The method will work for all of the Echo smart speakers. This includes the basic Amazon Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Spot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, and Amazon Echo Input. Echo Show users, on the other hand, can change language settings within the device settings.

While Alexa works flawlessly in Hindi, note that you won’t be able to enjoy follow-up Alexa commands with this language. The same is limited to only English for now. Anyway, do try Alexa in Hindi and let us know your experience in the comments below. Stay tuned for more such articles.