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How to Sell Your Used iPhone Safely and Get the Best Value?

We give you some ideas on how and where to sell used iPhone for top value.  Apple is constantly upgrading its product line of iPhones, like the iPhone 12 lineup, released in 2020. However, getting the latest iPhone model comes, most of the time with an elevated price. The best solution is to sell iPhone for the most value. Below, you’ll find tips on how to cash in your old iPhone and which places to sell it.

Tips Before to Sell iPhone: Prepare Your Device.

If you want to get the best value for your used iPhone, you’ll need to prepare it for the sale. First, backup all your data, like photos, documents, and apps, before you wipe up the device. You can, either, choose to backup directly on your iPhone with iCloud using a Wi-Fi connection; or backup on your computer by connecting your iPhone to it.

Then, make sure to sign-out from iCloud, iMessage, and deactivate the “Find My” app. Also, remember to unpaired your Apple Watch and Airpods, before you ditch your iPhone. Once you have completed these steps, you are ready to wipe your iPhone by resetting your device. Moreover, remove your SIM card, you’ll need it for your new portable. Now, let’s see where to sell iPhone for cash at risk-free.

Best Places to Sell Your iPhone for The Best Deal

You’ll find several options to sell iPhones, and each of them has its benefits and downsides. However, we have listed some great places to sell your iPhone for top value.

The Safest and Fast Payment Online:

Gadget Salvation

It’s a hassle-free solution to sell iPhone and other used gadgets online for top value. Their site is a friendly-user, and secure platform to sell your devices, accredited by The Better Business Bureau” with an A+ grade. To sell your iPhone with them, you’ll need to select the model in their online catalogue, and answer a few questions about the device condition. Then, accept the quoting offer from the, to get a UPS prepaid shipping label. After 48 hours from the reception of your goods, and the inspection of your device, they set the funds via PayPal, Bank Account, check, or Venmo.

Best for Pristine iPhones:

Apple trade-in Program

Apple accepts trade-in offers for certain products in “like new” condition. They offer to pay you with a credit for future purchases with the brand or to give you an Apple store gift card. You can trade-in your iPhone online or in-store. For online trade-in, you’ll need to select the iPhone model you want to sell on its site, answer questions about the condition of the iPhone to get an estimate. If you are ok with the offer, Apple gives you a paid shipping kit to send your goods. Once, Apple receives the goods, you get the gift card.  Moreover, if you stop by in-store, you can have an instant quote and immediate credit.

Best for Trade-in online for Credit:

  • Amazon: You can trade-in your devices such as cell phones and video games for example, and receive a gift card in exchange. Amazon only has an online trade-in service and offers you the shipping of your goods at free charge. To use Amazon service, select your item on its list and answer some questions about the device’s condition. Then you get a confirmation email with a link to print your prepaid label. If your device is not functional, you can send it to a certified recycling center at no cost and free shipping.
  • Best Buy: They work similar to Amazon’s trade-in service and accept vast types of gadgets. You’ll have to browse your iPhone model on its website and answer questions about its condition. They will make an offer that you can accept or decline. Once you agree to the offer, you get a free shipping label available for 14 days. Once, the reception and inspection of your items, Best Buy sends you an e-gift card within seven or nine days.

A Secure Place to Sell It Yourself:

eBay: It is a protected platform that connects you, as a seller, with potential buyers. When you use eBay services, you take charge of all the selling process, including listing, describing products, looking for prices, and shipping. Also, the site offers protection for buyers and sellers against scammers. The benefit of eBay is that you can set the price you want, of course, aligned with the condition of your iPhone. However, the downside is that you need to pay a fee of 10% for the total amount of sales and take charge of the shipping expenses.

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