Along with the original market price of Smartphones, the cost of repairing or replacing a Smartphone in case it gets damaged has also increased. The cost of repairing a Smartphone has become so high that it makes more sense to actually go ahead and buy a new one instead of repairing the damaged Smartphone.

However, there is one really good method that people can choose in order to replace a damaged Smartphone for free.

Yes! And the method is by purchasing an insurance for your Smartphone. Well, Smartphone insurance may sound like additional expense on your already expensive Smartphone, however, the actual cost of getting your Smartphone insured is way cheaper than getting it repaired once damaged. Thus it does make more sense to get a Smartphone insurance to help yourself out in case your Smartphone gets damaged.


How to Replace Damaged Smartphone for Free?

But how can having a Smartphone insurance help in replacing damaged Smartphone for free?

Smartphone insurance cover most of the unfortunate events on your Smartphone which may potentially damage it. Most Smartphone insurance policies will also provide you with a new Smartphone in case it gets lost or stolen.

Below are some of the claims covered by most of the Smartphone insurance out there.

  • Damages due to natural causes like storm, flood, fire etc.
  • Damages due to mechanical failure.
  • Damages caused by water spills or submersion.
  • Damages caused by a third-person while handling your Smartphone.
  • Broken or shattered display.

Almost all Smartphone insurance companies cover the claims that are listed below. However, the insurance company has all the rights when it comes to accepting or declining your Smartphone insurance claim. Most Smartphone insurance companies will decline your insurance claim in case the cause of the claim is completely your fault and could have been avoided.

Even in the case of your Smartphone being stolen or lost, the Smartphone insurance company may decline your insurance claim if it is entirely your fault, like for example, if your Smartphone got stolen because you left your Smartphone unattended in an unlocked car.

How to get the best Smartphone insurance?

Below are some tips that will help you in getting the best Smartphone insurance out there.

  1. First of all, visit all the possible Smartphone insurance companies near you and get the quote for their insurance coverage policy and also ask about the claims that are covered by their insurance.
  2. Check for reviews by existing customers about the Smartphone insurance company online.
  3. Try to add protection for your Smartphone in any of your already existing insurance coverage.
  4. Check if your Smartphone manufacturer is offering insurance protection for your Smartphone.

Final Words

The above article explained how to get your damaged Smartphone replaced for free. We hope you understood the importance of Smartphone insurance in protecting your Smartphone in case it gets damaged.

If you haven’t already purchased a Smartphone insurance, then go ahead and protect your Smartphone with an insurance coverage to help yourself save a lot of money in case your Smartphone gets damaged.