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How to redeem iTunes gift card on iTunes Store


Got an iTunes gift card and are you confused on how to redeem iTunes gift card on iTunes Store?

Well, then today we are here with a simple guide on how to redeem iTunes gift card on iTunes Store.

What is an iTunes Gift Card?

An iTunes Gift card is a virtual prepaid card that can be used to purchase content from the Apple iTunes Store. The iTunes gift card, as the name suggests, is ideal to gift someone iTunes store credits to purchase content without having to share your credit card details and is also of great use for people who don’t have a credit card and wants to make a purchase in iTunes.


How to Purchase an iTunes Gift Card?

The iTunes Gift Card can be purchased offline from a variety of stores. However, no matter where you buy, the iTunes gift card can only be used in the country from where it is bought. Which means, an iTunes gift card bought in the United States cannot be used in India.

You can also purchase and send iTunes gift card from within the Apple App Store, iBooks Store, or even the iTunes Store and below is how to purchase an iTunes gift card.

  • Launch the app of your choice (either Apple App Store, iBooks Store, or iTunes Store).
  • If not signed in, do the same.
  • Navigate to the item of your choice. Please do note that only paid items from any of the stores can be gifted and no free items can be gifted.
  • Once you pick the item to be gifted, open the product page of the item and click on the “three dots” button (for Apple App Store) or the “Share” button (for iBooks Store and iTunes Store) on the top right corner of the page. Then click on the “gift” icon.
  • If you wish to send an amount, then you can select the amount to be sent as well.
  • Now enter the email address of the recipient of the gift card.
  • You can also add an optional personal message for the gift card.
  • Normally, the iTunes gift card is immediately sent to the recipient once you finish the purchase. If you wish to send the iTunes gift card to the recipient at a later date, you can set the date before making the purchase.
  • Click on the “Next” option.
  • Now, select a theme to match with your gift and click on “Next”.
  • Click on the “Buy” option and then confirm the purchase by clicking on the “Buy Now” option.

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Card on iTunes?

  • To redeem an iTunes gift card, simply launch the App Store, iBooks or iTunes store and proceed to buy a paid item.
  • In the payment page, instead of using your credit card details, go ahead and enter the number of your iTunes gift card in the space provided.
  • Once entered, the number will be verified and you will be able to make the purchase for free using your iTunes gift card.

Final Words

That was a simple tutorial on how to redeem iTunes gift card on iTunes Store. Have any doubts? Then do leave a comment below and we will surely help you out.

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