Instagram is one of the social networking sites that has been a part of people’s lives since it appeared in 2010. The justifications behind its success and constant growth are that Instagram has provided its users with unique and exciting options and features which can be a credible cue to keep up with the world and be on the top. People join Instagram for various purposes.

Such as, to be aware of the current and latest updates and happenings, to keep in touch with friends. But the problems associated with the use of Instagram cannot be ignored. Instagram can prove to be really addicting and it can take up a lot of your precious time. So, sometimes you really want to take a break from Instagram and focus on your own life.

Distinction Between Deleting And Deactivating Instagram Account

There is an important distinction that we need to know between deleting and deactivating the Instagram account. Precisely, deleting the account means that once you have deleted your Instagram you can never again use it, your account will be permanently deleted.

When an Instagram account is deleted, the profile, photos, videos comments, likes, and followers are also discarded permanently. However, if an Instagram account is deactivated, you can still use your account by reactivating the account and none of your information will be lost.

Reactivating Instagram Account

After deactivating the Instagram account and staying away from it for some time period, people do miss their Instagram account.

They want to be connected to their Instagram account so that they can revive their technological life again without the loss of important data. Instagram acknowledges these people and welcomes them warmly through its option of reactivating. After reactivating the account, if you face any trouble to increase more followers then try activeig’s services to help you get IG followers in no time.

Steps To Reactivate Instagram Account

The simple steps that are to be followed in order to reactivate your account are:

  1. Open Instagram application either from your phone or from your computer.
  2. Provide the necessary information, for instance, your user name, phone number, email id and password of the account that you wish to reactivate.
  3. Click on the “log in” tab to start using the Instagram account of yours again.

This should be noted that however Instagram account cannot be reactivated exactly after the account has been deactivated. Instagram requires some time to complete the procedure of deactivation. So, you will not be able to reactivate your account in this period. It is recommended that you should wait for 24 hours before reactivating your account again as Instagram takes about 24 hours to complete the procedure of deactivation.

Problems Faced After Reactivating Instagram Account

But people who use Instagram face the problem that, when they have reactivated their Instagram account, a few of the posts get erased. Instagram itself now admits that this is a real issue and that it is trying to reach a possible solution to this problem. But up till now, there is no certain solution to figure out this problem yet.


So, Instagram definitely revolves around people’s lives. But if you want to stay away from Instagram you should be sure of what you want to do and take every step carefully. As you might regret it afterwards.