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How to Prepare Your Mac for Installing macOS Big Sur

Looking to upgrade your computer to macOS Big Sur? Even if you are completely satisfied with your current operating system, upgrades are necessary. Why? Because they fix different bugs, enhance Mac’s productivity, and bring lots of new useful features. So you should update your Mac to the latest version of macOS to ensure that your machine works smoothly and fast.

But before you do that, you should check whether your device is compatible with the new operating system, back up your data, and free up space for Big Sur. Remember that the new version of macOS requires at least 35.5 GB of available storage to perform the installation plus around 12.18 GB for the update file.

How to Free Up Storage Space on Mac

As you see, macOS 11 requires quite a lot of storage space, so before you start creating it, you need to find out what files on your Mac are the biggest storage consumers. You can go to the Apple menu and choose About This Mac. Now, look at Storage, which is next to Displays. Now, you’ll be able to determine what types of files are using the most storage on your device.

Use Manage Storage Feature

You can use the Manage button that is available in the Storage window. There are different options that will help you free up some space. For example, you may use the basic options like Empty Trash that will erase all items if they have been stored in Trash for 30 days.

Besides, it’s possible to enable the Optimize Storage feature. It will automatically remove Apple TV movies and shows after you have watched them. This storage-saving option will also delete old email attachments from your device. Don’t be afraid that you lose your data because your emails will still be stored on the iCloud server. Besides, you can always download the shows you have purchased from iTunes again for free.

Get Rid of Old Files

The Reduce Clutter feature allows sorting through documents and files stored on your machine and delete those that are no longer needed. If you choose the Review Files option, you will be able to see large files take up a large chunk of your computer’s storage space. You can transfer those files to an external hard drive or USB stick before you delete them from your machine.

You’ll have to use File Browser to locate each file. Just right-click it and select Show in Finder. Then you’ll be drag and drop the required file to the specific location on your external drive. The copy & pasting option is not possible in the Large Files section.

Delete Some Apps

Deleting applications that are using a lot of storage space is another way to free up some space. Of course, you should uninstall apps that you don’t use. But you can delete even the apps that you use very often because you will be able to install them again after you finish installing macOS 11.0.1. At the end of the process, a larger part of the space required for the installation of the new OS will be freed up. So you can delete almost any file, for example, Games or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Delete Attachments from Mail

Unfortunately, you can’t delete the Mail app, but it’s quite possible to remove mails and their attachments and disable all the connected accounts. You should follow these steps.

  • Use Finder to search for the Mail app.
  • Open it and select Preferences.
  • Then click Accounts and disable each of them.

There is no need to worry that may lose your documents. After you reconfigure the Mail app in Big Sur, you’ll be able to get everything back.

Store Your Files in iCloud

This option will help you free up a lot of space, but you’ll need to buy an iCloud subscription if you want to get the necessary storage to host large files. You can upload your documents, messages, and photos to your iCloud account. As a result, your Mac will store only recent files and optimized images.

We hope that doing all these things will help you get enough space for upgrading to macOS 11.

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