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How To Prepare For Class V Maths Olympiad

Maths, A word is so small yet so complicated. A common notion is that Maths is difficult, Maths is not for everyone! But Maths is not that hard. It is something that requires quick wit, problem-solving and analytical skills. Something that can always be worked on and can be improved.

A Math exam generally instils fear in our minds. And when we know that it’s an Olympiad, it just increases up a notch. It’s normal to feel how do we do it, how do we get decent, or say better score. However, there’s nothing we can’t do if we want to.

First of all, we need to know what a Math Olympiad is. Olympiads are a collection of exams conducted for students from classes 1-12 comprising different subjects. They are organised by the Indian Talent Olympiad at national and international levels.

One such category is the Math Olympiad. Since we are dealing with the Class 5th Math Olympiad, let’s delve more into what is the syllabus, difficulty level, timetable, planning, and other preparation tips. Don’t let that motivation go down.


Class 5th Math Olympiad paper has 50 questions in total. These questions are divided into four sections- Logical Reasoning(15), Mathematical Reasoning(20), Everyday Math(10), and Achievers(5) section. In the first section, the questions will be 60% from the current syllabus and 40% from the previous year’s syllabus. The rest of the sections are entirely based on the current year’s syllabus.


Now the most important thing, preparation. How to begin? Here are some ways on how it can be carried out.

Planning- Success always begins with planning. Mapping out the topics that you need to cover is necessary. And making sure that you cover each and every topic is a bonus. Look thoroughly at the syllabus. Confirm it by checking it on the respective site. 

Analyse your skills. What is your strongest point and weakest? Work on the weaker a little bit more. Don’t get too stressed out. If you feel like not knowing where to start, do it from the beginning, the first chapter. As soon as you’ll gain that consistency, you’ll get in the flow.

Schedule- A proper schedule is a MUST. Planning is incomplete without a time- table. You need to give a specific amount of time to all the topics. Make sure that nothing is left for the last. Since morning is the best time to study, start with normal topics, then gradually increase the difficulty level. By evening, do easy topics. At night, revise all that you did throughout the day.

Time-management- A healthy mind is more likely to help to solve problems and get through it. No doubt, studying is important but don’t forget to space out the time for other activities. Like rest, sleep, a little time to play too. Yes, outdoor activities engage your brain more than you’d actually expect. Although, the main focus should always be on studying!

Study material- Further, make notes about the preparation material. Understand the levels of the exam. Look at previous year level 1 and then level 2 question papers. It depends on the level of exam that you’re giving. Clear out all your doubts. 

Then, begin with chapter-wise questions in your textbook. Make sure to get a good grip on everything that you are studying/practising. Once you think you are now done with the chapters, do a thorough revision for a full day. Keep a track of your progress. Refer to Previous Year Paper for IMO Class 5 Maths 2015

Practice- This is the foundation of your preparation. Constant practice is something that would give you an upper hand in your learning. Not only it makes you more fluent in the topics but also increases your pace. Exams are not just solving/writing but also how quickly you are able to solve the problem.

This would warrant the proper and desired amount of time to every question. In addition, it saves up time to re-check the paper in case you missed something. Also, if you think that some topic is way too difficult for you, you can always get in touch with your teacher. If not, the internet would help. There are a lot of written and video solutions available. 

Test yourself- Coming to the final step, self-evaluation. When you have mastered all of the topics and concepts, it’s time to test yourself. Indeed, hand-written tests are important but online tests would be a cherry on top. In addition to that, look through the previous year’s class 5th class Math Olympiad papers. So as to get an idea of the layout of the paper.

If possible, also try to do sample papers, if not, the above-mentioned should suffice.

Other tips- Make sure you are not stressed/worried. Keep a calm and focused mind. Avoid distraction. Minimize the amount of time spent on phones/computers. Try to be consistent. Don’t change your schedule often as it would be too much of a hassle to get in the pace again. 

A day before the exam, eat properly and take an ample amount of rest. Try to be at ease and sleep on time in order to be on time the next time.

Wind up

The preparation for an exam takes up a lot. Worrying about it too much won’t make it better. So the best option is to relax and tone down that anxiety. If it is too much of a problem, do take the opinion of your teacher on how to tackle the situation. They would definitely be able to help you get through.

Lastly, give your best, learn thoroughly, practice consistently and revise regularly. Take breaks, get some fresh air, then again gear yourself up. You can surely score a good mark with your willpower and perseverance. After all, in the end, everything depends on you. How you manage your time and implement your strategy.

Utilise every second, make every effort bear fruit. Believe in yourself, you have that potential in you. You just need to tap into that.