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How to Play Drink, Drank, Drunk Game with your friends

Drink, Drank, Drunk game is an adult party game that is easy to play. Other than having original mechanics, it also offers multiple game modes.

What is required to play the Drink, Drank, Drunk game?

To play the Drink, Drank, Drunk game, you will need 3 or more friends, acquaintances, or complete strangers, and drinks. In this scenario, dranks are stronger alcoholic drinks such as chug or shot, which are often used as a penalty.

Set up of the game

Before you know how to play drank, drunken game, you should first know how to set up the game.

  • You will need to sit in a circle.
  • Then you will be shuffling the deck (hard shuffling).
  • Put the deck in the middle of the table. However, if need be, you may make a small-sized deck for shorter games.
  • Choose a neutral moderator. This is the person who will help to diffuse tension and solve disputes during the game.

Rules when playing the Drink, Drank, Drunken game

This game is interesting and it’s hysterical, unique, and surprising, which will ensure that both you and your friends are enjoying your time giggling like children.

In the deck, you will find 6 different cards.

The rules may vary depending on the mode of the game, but you will find that the mechanic is similar. When playing the infinite mode, this is the procedure that you will follow:

  • Go around the circle, drawing cards and doing whatever they say.
  • Make an effort to finish the deck. Remember that no one has ever done this before.
  • Categories of cards

These cards are available in 5 different categories that include:

  • Action cards: Take the necessary action as soon as they get picked up.
  • Rule cards: These cards apply to everyone, and are normally placed in the middle of the table.
  • Power cards: These are put in the front and apply to any player who picks them.
  • Weakness cards: This is also put informant of the cards and applies to the players that pick it up.
  • Special cards: these cards are the ones that are kept secret and used only once before they are thrown away.

Tips on how to win the Drink, Drank, Drunken game

Try your best to finish the entire deck, but be warned that this has never been done by anyone before. The existing alternative game modes include such things as:

  • Kings cup/a ring of fire kind of game that uses wild cards as kinds.
  • A cooperative model of the game where the available teams fight while trying to force competing teams to finish the stock of their drinks while making use of the wild cards as refills.
  • A skill or strategy-based game that calls for the balancing of the cards on a bottle that should be drunk by the person who causes the cards to fall.

The Drink, Drank, Drunken game can also be used when you are pub crawling:

  • Draw a different rule card for the existing groups in each bar.
  • Shuffle the weaknesses and powers together and have every player draw a card in whichever bar they visit.
  • By choosing dares, or completing selected action cards, you can win specials.


Remember that the Drink, Drank, Drunken game is an alcoholic game and like other similar games, you should drink responsibly. This game is not meant to cause sickness on your part because of excessive drinking. This game is enjoyable, and please don’t go overboard.

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