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How to move WhatsApp chat backups from Android to iPhone

WhatsApp has been a great tool that brought people closer. It has become sort of a default communicating medium, just as Google has become synonymous with online searching. Its simple user interface coupled with the ease in usage ensured everyone was soon communicating via WhatsApp even if they aren’t too adept with the functioning of the smartphone itself.

So far so good but just exchanging messages or starting or ending video/ voice calls aren’t the only things that WhatsApp is all about. While being able to do just these can let you get started with the app, there sure are a few other things that one should be wary about to ensure there aren’t any untoward incidents to be worried about later on.

It is here that programs such as the UnicTool ChatMover can be of immense help. Available on both Android and iOS devices, the UnicTool ChatMover comes with a host of tools that will let users Transfer, back up, restore, and export your WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business with 1 click easily and effectively. What’s more, the UnicTool ChatMover works with both the normal WhatsApp and WhatsApp business accounts as well.

Here we are going to discuss how to move WhatsApp chat from Android to iPhone.

Now, before starting with this, the thing to keep in mind is that with the UnicTool ChatMover, the process is extremely simple and quick. What this means is, you can easily change phones without having to worry about losing any of your messages and other informants that your chat history might comprise of. With not even a single message lost, you will have a seamless feel and will never know you changed devices in between and have migrated to an entirely new platform.

While there isn’t any dearth of WhatsApp tools that will let you transfer chats from one device to another, one of the biggest positives with ChatMover is that it never deletes any of your messages. That way, your messages are guaranteed to be completely safe with nothing getting changed whatsoever.

Further, none of your messages are transported anywhere that can pose risks of data theft or data loss. They never get transferred to the cloud or any external server. Rather, all of the data transfer takes place locally. This way, ChatMover ensures you are in control of the entire process at all times.

Also, the process couldn’t have been simpler than this. All that you will ever need to do is download and install the ChatMover tool to your computer.

Post that, connect your phone to the computer and click a single button. It is as simple as that. Nothing else needs to be down and the entire chat history including all of your messages will get transferred to your iPhone device.

2 connect devices to computer

Another inherent positive with the ChatMover tool is that it transfers everything that is in your chat history. That includes images, contacts, videos, audio files, and everything in between. Also, none of the things will be out of place. In fact, such seamless is going to be the entire chat transfer process that you will never know from WhatsApp alone that you have changed phones in between.

3 choose whatsapp type

Also, as already stated, ChatMover isn’t just about moving your chat history from one phone to another. Rather, it can also be used to create backups as well.

4 transfer processing

In fact, creating and storing multiple backups is always the recommended thing to do if you deal with sensitive and important messages. You can always restore from your backups and view your backups as well.

5 transfer finished

In the end, what needs to be said about the ChatMover is that it is easily among the best you can have to safely move your chat history from your Android phone to your iPhone device. Its beauty lies in its simplicity as well as its ease of usage. No need to log out and then log in to multiple apps, no lengthy and time-consuming process, and so on. It is just a one-click operation and you are done.

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