How to move Android Apps to USB OTG Flash Drive

Android users always complain about low internal storage of smartphones when it comes to downloading games. Because the games are huge (approx 1 GB), so if you have 16 or 32 GB internal memory, you can install about 2 or 3 games max at a time. You can’t save all your data on 16 or 32 GB internal storage, but now there are SD cards but SD memory cards are very much expensive if you go for a big capacity SD card (128GB or 200GB) but you can check for an online coupon code to get discounts on your purchase.

Now there is one more option to extend your smartphone’s memory, and that is USB OTG flash drives. You can easily attach one of the OTG drives to your phone and transfer your data to it.

Not only memories but now you can also transfer your installed apps to a USB OTG drive and then run those apps (or install) to another smartphone by attaching the same USB OTG drive to it.

LetsGoApp App 2 SD or OTG (Root):

This is a really cool app to transfer your installed apps to any USB OTG drive and transfer apps to it. Not just moving, if you want to run those apps, just plug in the USB OTG drive (with saved apps) to your smartphone and run it from there only without any difficulty.

Steps to move apps to USB OTG drive using LetsGoApp:

  1. Connect the USB OTG drive to your smartphone.
  2. Use “USB OTG helper” to mount the OTG disk partition.
  3. After mounting, run LetsGoAppand select “User” from the first drop-down menu.
  4. A list of installed apps will appear on the screen, select “OTG” from the “move to” menu.
  5. After that tap on the app that you want to move and the app will automatically move to the OTG flash drive.
  6. Open menu and select “Quick Reboot”, this will reboot the system UI.
  7. After reboot, you can now remove the USB OTG cable and insert it to any other smartphone.
  8. Mount it there using USB OTG Helper and select USB OTG from the drop-down menu.
  9. Now tap on any app and select “Install” from the pop-up menu.
  10. After installing all the app from USB OTG, open menu and select “Quick Reboot”.
  11. After reboot, the USB OTG will automatically link and LetsGoApp will launch.
  12. Now again select any app and now you can run it from the OTG flash drive only.

Now, whenever you want to remove the OTG drive just remember to quick reboot the device. You now know how to move the apps to OTG flash drives. Now you can have fun transferring your apps and games to USB OTG drive.