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How to Manage Your Salary Using New Technologies


Newer technologies are constantly coming to the fore and redefining the way things are done. Whether it’s in a professional or domestic setting, innovative gadgets are providing handy workarounds that streamline and simplify the once stressful obligations. For example, one area where this particularly strikes true is when the time comes to manage one’s salary.

It’s certainly necessary, but nevertheless annoying. Still, with the right devices and programs on your side, managing your pay can be a quick and easy affair that requires very little effort.

Consequently, here’s how to manage your salary using new technologies.


Online Banking

Online banking isn’t quite ‘brand new’, but it’s picking up steam very quickly and certainly seems new to many newcomers. In fact, it’s becoming so popular now that high street banks are closing, as many people fully immerse themselves in the digital world. After all, when problems can be solved and curiosities can be solved at a click of a button, it certainly makes things easier.

It’s likely that your bank has an online banking scheme that you can sign up to. You can see what’s going into your bank and have a detailed rundown of your expenses too, and of course, view how much of your salary has gone into your bank. It’s quick and easy, which is just what most people want when they’re undertaking their chore-like responsibilities.

Payroll Software

When it comes to managing salaries, it can feel like an isolating experience. The information is private and on lockdown, as it should be, but because of these effects, some workers find like they’re lacking in support in guidance. Their personal circumstances are only theirs to deal with, and in the end, it can make things tougher when keeping an eye on salary figures.

However, payroll software can make things a little more bearable here. The services from Moorepay make things easier, providing expenses and timesheets, people analytics, auto-enrolment, and more. It’s essentially a clearer overview of what’s going on with your pay, which many confused and stressed workers out there would no doubt appreciate. It can be accessed by computer or phone, offering up some much-needed flexibility too.

Download an App

The common saying is true with just about anything; there’s an app for that! If managing your income is becoming a particularly strenuous process, then make it easier for yourself by downloading an app. These tools can help limit spending, but also manage salaries too. For example, the UK Salary Calculator lets you input your salary figure and work out how much you’ll be paid after tax, student loan repayment, pension contributions, etc.

Obviously, this is an enormous time saver. It can be very useful to cut out the time spent mapping figures and going through endless mathematical hoops to work out what amount of pay you’ll end up with. Eliminate the admin and the stress and go for an app; it’s a shortcut to understanding just what your salary will look like come payday. There’re many personal finance apps to choose from, so hunt down what works best for you.