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How to Manage Your Facebook Privacy


Staying up to date on the most recent Facebook Privacy policies and settings is not easy. In this guide, we will be covering a few things you need to know about managing your Facebook privacy. However, you should always keep in mind that nothing is truly private. Although Facebook has made it possible to limit what is filtered or shared, ultimately, if you are sharing, liking or posting, it is information that’s available.

Basically, users should approach Facebook and other social media networks in general, with the goal of sharing information that they would want their clients or customers to access. For those who don’t have a business focus, it is only for your own good to share information that could be read by your friends and family.

The basics


There are a number of options that allow you to set who you can share your posts with. You can do this by either setting it on individual posts or setting this as your default in privacy settings.

  • Public-This means that everyone can see your posts
  • Friends and Family plus-This includes your friends, and your friends can also share your posts with their friends; therefore, it not only includes your friends but also your friend’s friends.
  • Only me-Yes, only you can see the posts
  • Custom-This option allows you to select specific networks, friends and lists

You are in complete control of what you share. As we mentioned earlier on, if you don’t want your information to go public, don’t post it on Facebook.

Profile settings: what’s displayed under ‘About Me’

Facebook allows users to set each item in their profile to have its own privacy. The privacy icon on the left of each item allows users to edit who can see that item. For instance, if you don’t want everyone on Facebook to know where you live, simply click the drop-down menu on the “Current City” box and select users that can see where you live. You can make this information visible to your friends only, to the public, you only, or customize it to make a better privacy decision.

It is important to take your time to review all the information available on your profile and make a decision for each one of them.

Two-Factor Authentication to prevent others from access your account

It is highly recommended to set up the Two-Factor Authentication. You will therefore need to use a Facebook code and password to sign into your account. After setting up your computer, you won’t need this again. But when you login into your Facebook account from a new device, you will need to use the Facebook code. This code is usually sent to your email or phone via text. To set this up, go to Account settings, then Security, the Login Approvals. You will also want to look at other options there.

Use a strong password

It is also important that you use a strong password that combines upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. The goal here is to make the password something that cannot be guessed easily like your dog’s name or first son’s name. You need to think outside the box. You will also want to make it easy to type. This will help you to remember the password in two days.

It is also recommended that you sign out of your Facebook account whenever you are not using the computer. And if you have your computer set up for the Facebook account, you will want to lock it whenever you leave.

Protect your friends

Well, it is understandable that you want everyone to know that you have many friends. But the truth is that not every Facebook user wants everybody to know who their friends are. Some people will visit your profile only to pick friends that are relevant to them in one way or another. Follow these simple steps to protect your friends:

  • Navigate to your profile page
  • Click the pencil icon at the top right corner of “Friends” box
  • Uncheck the “Show my friends on my profile” box

Avoid the notorious photo tag mistake

Although many people are getting smarter about their Facebook privacy settings, there are still horror stories of users whose relationships have been damaged because of being tagged to photos. As a matter of fact, some people have been fired as a result of being tagged in a photo. But don’t worry because there is a very easy way of preventing those compromising photos from showing up to friends.

Go to the privacy settings page and go to “Photos & Videos of Me”. Click the drop-down menu and then click “Custom”. Then select “Only Me”. Note that this will block everyone from seeing any videos or images you’ve been tagged in. However, many people want their friends to see photos they have been tagged in.

So, how do you solve this issue without putting your relationship or job at risk? Well, the best way to go about this is to take advantage of your friend lists and limit the number of people seeing the videos and images that you’ve been tagged in. For instance, it is probably not a good to have your list of professionals see the photos you have been tagged in.

Read and understand privacy policy

You also need to read and understand Facebook’s privacy policy. Stay up to date with what is always happening and take your time to understand how the different functions in Facebook work.

Read what you are authorizing an application or website to share and access. One of the main advantages of Facebook is that it allows users to custom their experience as well as their friend’s experience. When you do this, you will make it more enjoyable and fun for you and your friends, which will in turn keep you secure and safe.