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How to Make Your Video Game Stream More Professional

Streaming continues to dominate the field of gaming as players gravitate toward the large community of professionalized competitive gaming. Whether you’re new to streaming or are interested in rebranding your channel, here are four tips for making your video game stream more professional.

1. Purchase a Streaming Overlay

Purchasing a stream overlay gives your channel and stream a cohesive theme. They create better screen organization for viewers and are more pleasant to view.

There are a variety of affordable animated stream packages that will fit in with the theme of your channel, a game you’re currently playing, or even holiday events. They are easy to switch out, so you can rotate through a collection to keep your streams more interesting.

Streaming overlays aren’t exclusive to Twitch; they can be used on other streaming platforms. The display might be altered depending on the specific overlay, but it will display the chat, game screen, and your webcam if it’s turned on during the stream.

2. Keep Your Information Panels Updated

Keeping your information panels up to date with your current social media accounts will make it easier for viewers to interact with posted content on other platforms and remember to tune in for upcoming streams.

Viewers want to know about the person they’re supporting. Adding some interesting facts about yourself or the content of your streams will help people get to know you. Those fun facts will increase engagement because viewers see you as a real person they can relate to.

If your streams become popular, having updated information panels, including an e-mail exclusively for business-related inquiries, will make it easier for sponsors or potential partners to get in touch with you.

Up-to-date informational panels can help grow your brand tremendously if you are interested in streaming professionally long-term.

3. Invest in Quality Software

Finding the right software can be difficult because there are so many options. You want to start with a budget, then do some research.

One of the quickest turnoffs for a potential viewer is a stream with poor quality. You don’t have to use the most expensive software, but it needs to run correctly with your device and internet connection. Sometimes the broadcast can decrease the quality of your stream, so you need software that can make up for the lag.

Invest in software that not only works well but that you enjoy using. You’re going to be working with it a lot if you’re streaming professionally. Take advantage of free-trial periods to see what features you are interested in most and which ones don’t work out for you.

4. Invest in Quality Sound Gear

Finding the right sound gear should be easier than finding software, but you should also do some research before making a big purchase. The importance of this step depends on what type of content you’re creating and whether or not you plan on using a microphone.

If you’re strictly streaming video games through a headset, invest in a comfortable headset with a good microphone that reduces background noise and feedback. You won’t necessarily need any additional sound gear like a USB mic.

If you plan to dabble into other audio content like Podcasting or ASMR, consider what type of high-quality microphone will best suit your needs for future projects.

Keep Playing

Becoming a professional streamer doesn’t happen overnight.

Take your time and implement a new feature one at a time. Make it a goal to curate quality content that appeals to viewers and you. Having a professional stream will give you a quick boost in subscribers, but how you run your channel will keep them around in the long run.

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