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How to land a free esports bet and join the revolution

Interest in esports has risen in recent times and spiked in the summer of 2020 when many sports schedules were hit by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. More people than ever before are now playing and following major esports titles on their various devices.

It is, therefore, no surprise to learn the number of people betting on esports has shot up over the last 12 months. The best online sportsbook sites now not only accept wagers on professional sports like football, horse racing, and basketball, they also trade in CS: GO, DOTA2 and LEC.

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Are you ready to play?

Taking bets on esports has helped promote the online gambling industry to millions of new users. Those with a passion for traditional sports betting better get used to this new world, things aren’t about to change anytime soon. Many experts predict betting on esports could soon rival wagering on some of the world’s most popular sports.

Are you ready to play? In this article, we explain how you can prepare to bet on esports using your mobile device. We’ll even explain the steps involved in securing a free bet to use on esports, meaning you can try it out without posing any risk to your funds.

Playing and watching esports is great. Betting on esports is thrilling. But neither compares to landing a profit on an exciting esports exchange using a free bet.

How to sign up

Follow these steps to sign up for an online betting account in the quickest possible time…

–          Choose the betting site you want to bet with and visit their website

–          Click the Register button at the top of the homepage

–          Fill in the form, providing name, age, and address

–          Create a username and password

–          Your account will be set up and ready to use

How to download a betting app

These steps will help you download a betting app to an Android and iOS device in no time

Download to Android

–          Type the name of your chosen betting site into your device’s web browser

–          Find the homepage quick link to download the app

–          Open Security and Settings

–          Tick the box to allow downloads from an unknown source

–          Open downloads and downloads folder

–          Click the apk file there

–          Your Android betting app will then install automatically

Download to iOS

–          Open the App Store on your device

–          Type the name of your preferred betting site into the search bar

–          Choose the app you wish to download and click Get

–          The betting app will download and install on your device

How to get a free bet

It’s now time to lead you through the simple process of landing a free bet with your betting app…

–          Login to your account by clicking the login button then enter your username and password

–          Make your first deposit using your bank card or e-wallet service

–          Place a bet on sports or esports

–          When your first bet has been given a result your free bet will be added to your account

–          You can use your free bet on the esports fixture and market of your choice

–          Terms and conditions apply to the new player welcome promotion

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How to place a bet on esports

Placing a bet on esports is easy to do, taking just a few minutes. Due to the popularity of esports betting, you no longer must go hunting for the games. They are now within a touching distance which helps you bet and watch quickly…

–          Click the esports tab in the navigation bar of your betting app

–          Find the title you wish to bet on, such as CS: GO and click the tab

–          You’ll see a list of upcoming fixtures related to that title

–          Pick the game you want to bet on then click the selection you are after

–          This will add it to your bet slip

–          It’s now time to add a stake and confirm the bet

–          Your wager is now live and cannot be changed

If you are a lover of esports why not grab your free bet today and target a profit? It’s easy to do and can increase your enjoyment of esports.

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