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How to Install Antivirus on USB Flash Drive: Scan your PC without Booting Windows


We all have experienced virus-infected PCs – slower processing, random reboots, and random popups. Some viruses make the PC so slow that you can’t even use it, and you need to format the PC and fully re-install the OS. We use lots of antivirus programs, but sometimes they are not capable enough to remove all the viruses like Trojans.

Rescue disks are bootable Antivirus programs that you can boot from a CD or USB flash drive. With these rescue disks, you don’t have to boot your PC to OS, boot this bootable USB flash drive and scan and fix your PC right through it.

There are lots of rescue disks available on the internet provided by some of the most famous Antivirus software makers like Avira, Bitdefender, Kaspersky. You can make your flash drive bootable with antivirus using the guide below:

Downloads files you need:
  • XBoot (5.26 MB)
  • One of the rescue CD image file:
    Avira Rescue (628 MB) (Recommended)
    Bitdefender Rescue (659 MB)
    Dr. Web LiveDisk (625 MB)
    F.Secure Radio CD  (139 MB)
    Kaspersky Rescue CD 10 (322 MB)
    PC Tools’s AOSS (364 MB)
Steps to make flash drive bootable with Antivirus:
  1. Launch XBoot.

2. Drag and drop the image file (antivirus iso file) to the empty area inside the XBoot.

3. If you see “Identify the ISO file” window then select “Add using Grub4dos ISO image emulation” from the drop-down menu and click “Add this file”.

4. Double-click on the “category” cell and type “Antivirus” to categorize it as antivirus (some antivirus will be automatically detected).

5. Click “Create USB”, select the USB drive and click on “OK”.

6. XBoot will start copying the files to your USB drive.

7. And notify you when it’s done.
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Now to boot it on your PC, press F12 key while rebooting your PC and select the USB from the boot menu.

Using bootable antivirus programs may turn out to be harmful at times. It can often delete useful files due to false detection. However, this method will surely help you to remove all of the infections from your PC.